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  1. It doesn't look like the prototypical CCH team but they get after it and can shoot. Hussey's D on Krohman was like fly paper. Ipsaro is so impressive, love his ability to lift and 🔥. The Colonel frosh is going to score quite a few.
  2. What does Wofo do offensively? I assume Johnson got injured early in the season?
  3. It's difficult to judge with a sample size of one game each. Ryle by at least a score.
  4. Those turnovers were brutal. Kudos to Ryle, stepped it up when they had to. I've been a part of 100s of SK losses. Felt like Highlands and Corbin. Neers need to close out better.
  5. Oh it did. He and I hit the urinals at the same time. I wanted to say how much I enjoyed his teams but I let him have his moment of peace. 2nd biggest celebrity I've P'd next too. Tony Perez at Samurai is going to be tough to beat.
  6. I heard Billy was a beast on the gridiron and the diamond. I've viewed some 198q games on YouTube and he was tough. His father, Norman and my dad were likely two of the biggest men in town. They loved making Chlorine B's grass look good.
  7. Just saw this. Greg Ponzer is always walking out here. 81 dudes were aliens.
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