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  1. I'm ticked I won't make it to Chorline B. but we scheduled a night float on the KY River at High Bridge. Hope I have some internet connection for updates.
  2. We've never been DB High for sure. We've had a few good DBs but yes, that has always been a concern.
  3. Sometimes you gotta lean toward your head not gut. I can't remember how many years in a row I'd see the Bengals schedule and say 10-6 and they'd win two games 🙂
  4. My brother's Jr. season I believe they were the homecoming game for every away game. Most of those weren't pretty, no running clock. HHS beat us 76-0 and that following year I believe only Elder played HHS closer and we had a legit shot to knock them off. I believe they won 28-12 in '98.
  5. Hey now, we had our wins vs Scott, Dayton and Conner at times. lol
  6. Let's just say the 80's and 90"s weren't kind for SK. We were he the homecoming queen each week.
  7. I predict their broadcast team will be biased. If you want to see comedy, Youtube last year's game. I also predict me pounding some Wofo Reserve prior and Ale81 post game. Gonna be a late night.
  8. Here is my thought. It's a scrimmage why not work on a weak point when the game doesn't count.
  9. Coach Rash was at SK during Ben's tenure.
  10. Doesn't seem to have much of a future.
  11. I like the look. Hard to mess up black and gold.
  12. Back, that name is a blast from the past. I met him while at Morehead in '92. He was a Sr. in HS visiting an ex Jackson teammate. Ended up visiting Jackson with them, we had a great time.


    I don't post much but still rock all my gear I won in the pick'em contests. I have a poop ton of gear, thanks to Oxnard letting me be the Bridesmaid. So proud of my beauty of a daughter making the Reds RBI 12 U fast pitch tean today. She's a beaut and a dawg!
  14. UConn is right at home in the Big East.
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