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  1. I thought SO could take advantage when Vail picked up #4. Theclead grew with him on the bench.
  2. I'm not surprised since it's hard to win a title but I do believe they've had a few teams capable of cutting the nets. The only year they had the "best" team was in 2006/2007. If there was a year they should have won it, that was the year. SK has TWO regional titles since 1938, hopefully one year we can get back to Rupp.
  3. I guess I associate with more knowledgeable fans. I can't think of an SK fan holding that mentality.
  4. Believe it or not SK had the toughest route to the title. It's not easy to cut dowm those nets.
  5. Hardin is very good. Thanks @ColonelMike for bringing the tournament to my home.
  6. Hard to argue. I'll miss this group. On the bright side Niece is returning and he is averaging 30 plus The Roy. We need some growth spurts this off season.
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