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  1. If my math is right (assuming he graduated at 16 from Latin), he's around 43 years old meaning he's been coaching since he was 12.
  2. Snickers Twix Whatchamacallit PayDay
  3. Looks like someone has found the new F150's in KY. Kentucky Speedway is full of brand new F150's that are just waiting on chips. https://www.wcpo.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/thousands-of-new-ford-pickups-parked-cant-be-sold
  4. Just remember, there's a reason they didn't let golfers walk the course. Lol. I've had numerous neighbors tell me how brutal the walk was, and I just laugh because it's obvious they never played the course.
  5. Fox Run is now a public park. The cart paths are now walking trails. The lake is open to fishing. They host high school cross country meets there in the fall. The county has been doing surveys and such with the public on ideas for the park. There's talk about it connecting to the trails in Lincoln Ridge. As someone who lives right next to it, I'm glad is a park and not another subdivision.
  6. Think Chase gave away the pick with those orange, black, and white shoes? Have to go with an offensive lineman next pick.
  7. Fully aware. And with a district containing only 2 schools and the demographics of the area, they're not going to have many wanting to do this.
  8. The school district controls 2 schools, both starting with Beechwood. I think if the star football player wants to return, the school district will allow it. Lol.
  9. The richest 50 people in the US have more wealth than the bottom 50% of people in the US (165 million people). Heard this one last night.
  10. I think they go Chase. I kind of prefer Sewell. However, I'm not going to be upset with any of those 3 as they all have potential to be day 1 starters and solid NFL players. Even a trade wouldn't be a bad thing as long as they get a bunch in return and don't drop too far down.
  11. Pure speculation on my part here as I do not know, but my guess is since the first outing went so well, and with the shin guard to protect the leg, the parents, doctors, and coaches agreed to allow him to play some more. It's probably next to impossible to keep the kid completely off the field now.
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