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  1. A1 I grew up eating cheese sandwiches with Miracle Whip. And I prefer Miracle Whip when making deviled eggs or egg salad over regular mayo.
  2. I didn't think BW was hosting any games this year or next year due to the school construction.
  3. Love those packaged orange crackers with peanut butter. Not a fan of the toasted crackers. If I’m making on my own, I prefer cheese (not in a can) and crackers over me putting JIF on saltine or townhouse crackers.
  4. 18 year old with cough and congestion. It wasn't anything bad. Mid 60's said it was the worst illness he's ever had and doesn't wish it upon anyone. He goes to a specialist this week as they think it may have impacted his heart.
  5. We switched to YouTubeTV back in the winter specifically because I could still watch Reds' games. If that changes now, I'm going to be upset. Lol. I'm not happy about the recent spike in cost, but $65 is still cheaper than the $125 I was spending with DirecTV. As for the expedition games, the Reds wanted Fox to air them, but they refused.
  6. No complaints about the push back here. I'm curious though, if they do end up playing and the season goes well, will the NKYFL keep the later start date in the future? The mid July start with games being played late July, first of August can be brutal
  7. They’re already playing youth football across the river on both Ohio and Indiana. There was a tournament in Indianapolis this past weekend.
  8. If it’s true Hazard has 18 players, 3 coaches, and 15 family members test positive, then this fall season is not looking good.
  9. Can't do a traditional one, but a good chicken one is a solid 8 for me. Mythos in downtown Cincinnati used to be the best ones. I'd eat there at least every other week, if not once a week.
  10. I think I want to change my mind. After possibly breaking my foot in the ocean today, I want to switch to pool. Lol.
  11. This may be your first comment ever that doesn’t make sense. LOL. An ocean you literally walk into and out of. A pool you generally have to go up and down steps or a ladder.
  12. Sitting on the beach right now. I like the versatility of the ocean as I can swim, float, kayak, paddle board, fish, etc. In the pool, I can just swim and float. The only time I'll use the pool down here is to rinse off after being in the ocean, or maybe a late night swim.
  13. These deferred contracts are dumb. Reds are still paying Jr and Arroyo.
  14. Bud Light Lime. I only like it during the summer. Otherwise, ice water.
  15. It's a perception thing. Some people are going to look at it as they're already taking a pay cut for not playing the entire year. Some people are going to look at it and say they're still getting the same amount per game, so are they really making any concessions? Either way you look at it, they've got to figure something out quickly, or it's going to have long term effects.
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