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  1. I like using the app as the line to get in seems to go a lot faster. However, I do wish the schools would offer 1 cash line.
  2. Good to hear. That didn’t look or sound good last week.
  3. Many of those new officials quit without even doing a game from my understanding. I agree coaches and parents need to be reined in. It's bad in all sports, not just football. As a coach, I set a precedent with my parents at the beginning of the year. I've stopped games to yell at my parents to shut up if they get out of hand. Soccer does silent weekends, and as a parent, I love it. If I were a coach on those weekends, I'd love it too. I wish more sports followed suit as parents can only clap or cheer after a goal. It makes the games much more enjoyable for players and coaches, and
  4. From what I’ve heard, many of the new officials at the beginning of the year have already quit. We’ve had discussions about it at the youth level. If you do officiate, then please, please take a minute to understand the rules of the game at hand. I can live with bad calls and even inconsistencies, but to say you don’t know the rules at that level, it drives me nuts.
  5. nees1212

    Stink Bugs

    They're all over the place. Took my grill cover off the other night, and there were about 20 crawling on top of the grill. The pressbox I was in the other day had a bunch in there. They're back.
  6. It makes zero sense to me, but it works for my dad and I. Lol.
  7. For preventing, put a bar of soap under your sheets at the bottom of the bed. My aunt told me about it when she worked at St. E. I thought she was crazy, but I deal with them a lot, so figured I would give it a try. I have yet to have a cramp with the bar of soap in the bed. I only get them when sleeping on the couch or when the bar gets knocked off the bed.
  8. Dixie needs to keep including all players in the offense to win. The 2 man routes that they used against Cooper and CCH don't work. Also, the health of Rohlman will come into play. He left the SK game late in the game with a knee injury. It didn't look or sound good as he was screaming before going down. He's a physical runner and a key player in the secondary.
  9. Here’s hoping Rohlman is OK for Dixie. That did not look good. SK lets too many receivers get behind them. The long ball was there all night. Dixie just couldn’t connect on a handful of them. Crone struggled with accuracy tonight. They did have some drops too, but he’s gotta make it easier on his receivers.
  10. If your goal is to pull off the upset in 1 game (maybe 2), this tactic will work. If your goal is to win the region and compete for a state championship, this tactic never works. Highlands and NDA dominate the 9th because they play soccer. Dixie has tried this tactic for years, and it does not work.
  11. Sounds like you're looking at it as the only incentive is being able to win a game. I've coached multiple teams for 2 years old up to the freshman level. I've coached baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, and football. My #1 goal in every sport and every level is player development, not winning. If you're coaching to develop kids, the winning will come. If you're #1 goal is winning, you end up concentrating on your top talent and not the entire team. My incentive for coaching and developing players is to see them grow into better players and people. If they move on the next
  12. Last I heard, he planned to remain at Dixie through the 2026 season (2027 graduating class). I was told he has a nephew in the 7th grade that he wanted to coach in high school. However, life changes.
  13. That stat sounds good until you realize they also give up 45.83 points a game. As for the game, I expect it to be a fairly close game.
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