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  1. The only kids having 5 to 7 collisions a game are those that are only playing 5 to 7 plays a game. The linemen are banging heads every single play. The running backs are taking a pounding every time they touch the ball. My son, who was moved from qb to rb for his playoffs, would come off the field beat after those 32 minute games compared to his 2 hour practices during the week. I couldn't imagine having him go out there and do the same thing another 3 times in the same weekend. And to say kids are not physical like the older kids is a poor excuse/reason for playing in these tournaments, sorry. Of course the younger kids don't hit as hard as the older kids, but it's all relative to their size.
  2. BW looked like they got hosed with a quick whistle on their last drive that led to a turnover on downs.
  3. 2. A group of parents was told about this during a regular season game. Instead of complying, I was told by a Highlands fan that they went out and bought more for the playoffs. It was only a matter of time before they were called out for it.
  4. This is stupid. 0 adjustments defensively by Dixie.
  5. I've never seen so many people on this site get worked up over a team's stats without fans from the team in question bragging about said stats on the site. I don't think I've seen a single Dixie supporter on here pounding their chest like others do and have done, at least not this year. As for the stats, if I'm not mistaken, Dixie uses Hudl Assist to breakdown stats for basketball, soccer, and football (possibly more sports). I don't know who else uses it, but maybe it's just the way Hudl breaks down the film? As for the game itself, I'm just hoping it's closer than the last time around.
  6. I don't believe eliminating open enrollment was on the table, but they tried to redraw the district lines in Independence for Scott and SK. They tried moving some subdivisions from SK to Scott, and parents in those subdivisions were not having it. Therefore, the district dropped it.
  7. Just saw the highlights. The black uniforms, why???? I’ve always liked the simplicity of their red and white.
  8. Game was tied 14-14. Dixie will move on to Highlands next week.
  9. It’s that time of year when these weekend youth tournaments start popping up, and every year I shake my head. Why are these a thing? And why are parents putting their kids in this? 3 to 4 games over a 2 day period is just stupid IMO. My son feels it after one game, I couldn’t imagine him having to play 3 more in a 36 hour period.
  10. Good to hear. I heard he injured his shoulder again and was done.
  11. Defensive stats for total rushing and passing yards definitely aren't correct. They're not even close. I went to each team's page and looked at their stats for passing yards against Dixie. It totaled up to 1979, not the 1033 listed.
  12. Bored at work, so throwing out some numbers. Dixie gives up 198 yards per game in the air. Take away the BW and Ryle games, which were brutal, and they're down to 142 per game. BW's speed at the receiver spot is unmatched. In the Ryle game, Dixie just looked like they were going through the motions. The most missed tackles I've seen all year. They just looked lethargic. With Dixie's style, those DBs are left on an island all night long. Gregg as a sophomore had a 65% completion percentage. They had a lot more quick passes with the type of offense they ran last year. This year, he's down to 57%. As mentioned, he doesn't seem as confident throwing the ball down the field this year. As for Fields, I haven't seen him play other than the Ryle game. Therefore, I cannot say if I think they'd be better served with Fields at QB and Gregg at RB.
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