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  1. Based on pics I've seen on social media, PCB and Destin look like business as usual. I went to St. George Island back in early July. They only had 9 confirmed cases the day we left to go to the Island. The day we got back, it was up to 33 and now it's at 433 one month later. When we were there, 1 restaurant was already shut down due to an employee testing positive. Another restaurant shut down for a couple days to completely change their policies so patrons would be more spread out. Of the restaurants my family attended, only 1 didn't take things seriously, so they ended up just getting carryout there. Right after we left, the ice cream shop and the restaurant that didn't take things seriously shut down due to potential positive tests with their employees. The locals were not happy with the influx of people coming in and acting like nothing was going on. They had just 9 cases since the start of this going into the 4th of July. I'm sure they're really not happy now. It's such a small populated area, and the hospital is horrible.
  2. More than likely at this point. If they do reinstate, they'll have to start their own league to play each other.
  3. But yet they cancelled all elementary sports for the fall a few weeks ago.
  4. From what I read earlier, all championship games must be done by November 21st. Teams can opt out of the playoffs and play an additional 4 games, just as long as they are also done by November 22st.
  5. A1 I grew up eating cheese sandwiches with Miracle Whip. And I prefer Miracle Whip when making deviled eggs or egg salad over regular mayo.
  6. I didn't think BW was hosting any games this year or next year due to the school construction.
  7. Love those packaged orange crackers with peanut butter. Not a fan of the toasted crackers. If I’m making on my own, I prefer cheese (not in a can) and crackers over me putting JIF on saltine or townhouse crackers.
  8. 18 year old with cough and congestion. It wasn't anything bad. Mid 60's said it was the worst illness he's ever had and doesn't wish it upon anyone. He goes to a specialist this week as they think it may have impacted his heart.
  9. We switched to YouTubeTV back in the winter specifically because I could still watch Reds' games. If that changes now, I'm going to be upset. Lol. I'm not happy about the recent spike in cost, but $65 is still cheaper than the $125 I was spending with DirecTV. As for the expedition games, the Reds wanted Fox to air them, but they refused.
  10. No complaints about the push back here. I'm curious though, if they do end up playing and the season goes well, will the NKYFL keep the later start date in the future? The mid July start with games being played late July, first of August can be brutal
  11. They’re already playing youth football across the river on both Ohio and Indiana. There was a tournament in Indianapolis this past weekend.
  12. If it’s true Hazard has 18 players, 3 coaches, and 15 family members test positive, then this fall season is not looking good.
  13. Can't do a traditional one, but a good chicken one is a solid 8 for me. Mythos in downtown Cincinnati used to be the best ones. I'd eat there at least every other week, if not once a week.
  14. I think I want to change my mind. After possibly breaking my foot in the ocean today, I want to switch to pool. Lol.
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