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  1. All of the district winners advance. Dixie vs NDA in the early game. Highlands vs Cooper in the late game.
  2. After seeing many of the NKY teams this year, I think top 3 are Highlands, NDA, and Dixie. I don’t think Highlands beats NDA a 3rd time this year during regionals. Granted, it was only 1 game each, but I was more impressed with NDA than Highlands. Rounding out the top five would be SK and Cooper. Cooper has only played 2 teams with winning records this year.
  3. They way he went in, my guess is neck or back. It was a heck of a tackle splitting the blockers. I do commend Dixie for keeping the camera and midfield and not zooming in on the player.
  4. This should be an appealing job. A lot of young talent there that Nicole was excited about.
  5. Am I correct in seeing NKY youth teams got clearance to play last weekend and are playing games this weekend with just 1 week of practice?
  6. nees1212

    Hurricane Sally

    Reports of over 3' of rainfall. That's just crazy. We were in Pensacola Beach last year, so I'm curious to see the damage there. I know they have no water on the island after a water main break, and part of the new bridge was damaged by a falling crane.
  7. Dear lord that has blown up all over social media today.
  8. Technically, he didn't cancel, correct? He just delayed until the kids are back in school in a couple weeks.
  9. Interesting. We were looking into this the other day, and all YouTube documentation says you need 1000 subscribers to live stream via a mobile device on Android and IOS platforms.
  10. Are you all using a webcam or mobile device? And Dixie hit their 1000 subscribers already.
  11. 1000 subscribers is only needed if you're doing a live mobile stream. I don't know what devices they plan on using for the streaming. SK looks like each team is trying to roll out youtube channels instead of all working together.
  12. Dixie setup a youtube channel yesterday to stream all fall sports. Not sure how tickets are going to work other than only 2 tickets per player will be issued. SK is working on a couple options and will have a test run tomorrow during their girls intrasquad soccer scrimmage.
  13. I would think all of that can be done relatively quickly. If KHSAA has done their homework as they claim they have, these points shouldn’t be too difficult to do.
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