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  1. The 21 days most likely comes from a situation where the student athlete doesn't have it, but someone in their household does. A person that tests positive has a 10 day quarantine. As a student living with that person, you have to wait another 10 days before being allowed back in school. However, after 5 days, you can test and if negative, come back in 7 instead of 10. You take the chance of testing positive and being out 10 days from that point, so 25 days total. We just had this scenario in our house where 4 of us tested positive, and the youngest did not.
  2. The spring and summer were for wiffle ball. Played in a friends back yard where his dad would cut the base paths. The hedges were the homerun wall. We also did the plastic helmets. The fall was for football with the original Nerf turbo as you could launch that thing. We played in a friend’s front yard, or we would slide under the fence and play on Dixie’s practice field.
  3. Highlands needs to find someone that isn't a parent to limit any drama up front. They need to find a coach that will continue to teach the girls and allows them to play soccer. So many old school coaches in high school that just play the long ball and don't possess the ball. Highlands plays soccer, and that is what has kept them at the top. The teams that compete for state year in and year out play soccer. Their rival will continue to play soccer with Suli at NDA.
  4. There are 2 markets I think Toyota has missed out on. 1. 3/4 ton and/or diesel truck market. Tundra has been successful that I'm surprised they haven't gone further with it. 2. Jeep market. FJ Cruiser should have had a removable top and went directly after the Jeep market. It would've been 100 times more successful than the FJ Cruiser with its stupid half rear doors and huge blind spots.
  5. Never said anything about where he's from. Plus, I think he's only been there a year. I think you're reading too much into my comments. I'm just saying you've got one of the top teams in the 9th, who likely had a long list of applicants, that is bringing in a 23 year old coach. NDA is Highlands biggest rivalry/competition in the 9th. I can guarantee you they're already looking at BC tape to see how he coached as is every other coach that takes their job seriously. I'm not saying Highlands, or anyone else, is scared of the hire. I'm just saying with this hire, NDA will likely stay at the top.
  6. You can’t tell me this doesn’t catch their eye.
  7. From everything I've heard about the guy, it's bad news for the rest of the 9th region. I've heard nothing but great things about him.
  8. Tundras are 70 to 75% built in the USA. Sierras are in the 40% range. The least of all full size trucks. As for which one, my choice would be the Tundra. The crew max is hopefully my next purchase, and if not, at least a double cab. I’m a Toyota snob. We’ve had a Camry, a few Tacoma’s, a 4Runner, a Tundra, a Sienna, and a Sequoia. They just don’t have issues. If gas prices go back up, the price of them will come down. About 6 years ago, my dad bought a 2008 tundra with 40k for $18k. Today, you’ll pay over $25k for the same truck.
  9. A quick look at that C and it looks like it has feathers, not stripes.
  10. I think it is a combination of things. The overall talent level is down compared to recent years. Webb has yet to play a game. I would assume injury, but not sure. They're also young as multiple freshmen are getting some time.
  11. I think the key here is did the Cooper defender make contact with the Conner player when she had the ball out of bounds? If so, I would think automatic technical. If contact was not made, a warning given, and Conner's ball at the spot.
  12. Correct. He is the former coach at Scott. I've heard nothing but positive things about the guy. I imagine his #1 goal will be getting Summer Dennigan to play her senior year.
  13. ND just doesn’t have the athletes on the edges. Their receivers couldn’t get separation and their DBs struggled in space. I’ve never been a big Book fan, and still not after this game. ND needs to get an elite qb in there. I can’t recall the last they had one.
  14. Not a fan of Dan Mullens. Dude has whined and cried all year long. He seems to be more about himself than his players.
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