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  1. I think I want to change my mind. After possibly breaking my foot in the ocean today, I want to switch to pool. Lol.
  2. This may be your first comment ever that doesn’t make sense. LOL. An ocean you literally walk into and out of. A pool you generally have to go up and down steps or a ladder.
  3. Sitting on the beach right now. I like the versatility of the ocean as I can swim, float, kayak, paddle board, fish, etc. In the pool, I can just swim and float. The only time I'll use the pool down here is to rinse off after being in the ocean, or maybe a late night swim.
  4. These deferred contracts are dumb. Reds are still paying Jr and Arroyo.
  5. Bud Light Lime. I only like it during the summer. Otherwise, ice water.
  6. It's a perception thing. Some people are going to look at it as they're already taking a pay cut for not playing the entire year. Some people are going to look at it and say they're still getting the same amount per game, so are they really making any concessions? Either way you look at it, they've got to figure something out quickly, or it's going to have long term effects.
  7. Right. The players are arguing that they've already negotiated down to a pro-rated pay. However, that shouldn't have been negotiated. That should have been a given, and the negotiation should've started with their pro-rated pay scale.
  8. If baseball isn't played this year, especially with all other sports ramping up and playing, then it's going to be the end of baseball as we know it. If they can rebound from this, it's going to take years. Both sides are going to have to make concessions, and right now, the perception is that the players aren't willing to do so. Their argument is that they've conceded to a pro-rated salary. That should be the starting point of the negotiations as there's no way they should be paid for 162 games when they're only playing half or less.
  9. The coach allowed a parent to manipulate things, and at the end of the season, that parent blew things up.
  10. Not surprised after what went down at the end of the season.
  11. Top 3 in no particular order: Blueberry Sugar Twist Powdered strawberry jelly filled
  12. We've never used the flavor packs. My wife or daughter will make a huge bowl of it, and it generally only lasts a day or two in our house. We'll keep some of the ramen noodles on the side to sprinkle on the next day to keep the crunch.
  13. And speaking of coleslaw, my grandmother used to make a hot slaw with bacon that was excellent.
  14. Very different. Only thing in common is the cabbage and carrots. It's has the cabbage, carrots, slivered almonds, sunflower seeds, green onions, crushed ramen noodles, and the dressing is oil, vinegar, and sugar. The dressing isn't creamy like your standard coleslaw.
  15. Had some last night as my daughter made some for dinner. I like a good potato salad.
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