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  1. Congrats to CAL. Good luck. Hurts today and will for a while. Thanks to the players and coaches, a tremendous run for the past couple years has come to an end. It was done with tremendous effort and class and a respect for the game, so......thank you.
  2. I think the boys got mad by someone putting the "upset alert" in the title GO BIG RED!
  3. We should do everything possible within sports to make it fair, but not involve the courts. The winning team could get a life lesson and forfeit the game too.
  4. My two cents: if there is film that shows this more clearly, then this should have been fixed by the KHSAA. Wait....bad choice of language. I kinda agree with calling the penalty more often, don't want to get kids hurt...but why in this age of film and video where everything can be reviewed do we put power in the hands of officials who have proven over and over, year after year, again and again...that they are human. Officials should call the game and then someone else can do a review for suspensions and such. Hate it for Arnett that finish of his senior year is tied directly to the judgment of a single official.
  5. Almost every year, somebody has their best team ever. And because of our pretty good playoff record for the last gazillionteen years, we end up running into these "best" teams a lot. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. If you really want to know how good your team is, we will come help you find out. This year, however, is one of our best teams. If cal can beat this Mayfield team, then hats off to them. Mayfield......35-14. GO BIG RED!
  6. Good victory. Bad white hat. Watch out for CAL, they will be believing "this is their year" in a big way.
  7. Mayfield has won somewhere in the neighborhood of a lot of games in a row where i was kinda drunk in the stands.
  8. PM'ed a guess. They are special team and group of kids and coaches no matter what.
  9. Darry will try to to kill Negan, fall short, and be about to be killed, Dwight, in a sudden surge of humanity, will save Darryl, die himself in the process, and allow Darryl to live on. (something along those lines?)
  10. The more they show Negan, the less sense it all makes. I am unconvinced anyone would follow him. He makes less compelling leader than Rick, and that's saying something because no one should listen to Rick either. Last year Rick's group was killing Negan's group willy nilly. Every other episode they were killing Negan people "easy peasy lemon squeezy." Now all of the sudden they can't even hide a gun or two? It just makes no sense. And why is Carl alive? Glenn is killed b/c Darryl hit Negan but Carl shoots at a guy and nothing happens? Well, nothing but more Negan flapping his gums.
  11. I don't know how they determine the home team, but I determine it by trying to remember whether I drove out of town the previous year. GO BIG RED! EVERY YEAR.
  12. I think that is gonna hurt OC. The Big Red Memory is in effect and the boys will be dialed in. That, in my opinion, is our only real weakness, a tendency to relax every once in a while. Let's give OC two touchdowns and then a third for what I expect will be an inspired effort by them. That's 21 points. It won't be enough. Mayfield 42 to 21. GO BIG RED!
  13. Regardless of how it ends, I was wrong in my assessment, thinking an easy HRC win. I am depressed, and never like to be wrong, but I'm wrong a lot so I'll get over that. Never should have stole the primary from Bernie. Going to call it a night. I'll eat crow more appropriately later, but right now just really depressed about what this portends for all of us. Hard to imagine anyone, on either side, being happy or satisfied with the two least popular candidates of all time.
  14. I am one, but not being judgmental about Christianity (in this thread). I have "judged" the initial post, which is fair since it was offered up to be discussed. This thread is a prime example of the fact that Christians never get values from their religion, Christians put their values into religion and then they get to claim what they believe is right because it came from god.
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