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  1. If take this years CAL over this years Belfry team by a TD or 2. Of course we'll never know for sure. I'd have taken Belfry last year.
  2. Why not, Belfry beat them by about that many and CAL is likely better defensively than the Pirates are.. I don't expect NCC to score more than 7-10 points and I expect CAL to score at least 28 to 35, so, 3-4 scores looks pretty accurate, imo..
  3. Odd # districts get home field this year, so, it should look like this barring any upsets: OB Catholic @ Mayfield CAL/Desales winner @ Walton Verona NCC @ Glasgow Leslie Co @ Danville/LCA
  4. In some cases, the classification may not change.. A 2nd example would be OBoro Catholic.. They have roughly 200 boys, so, using that factor and counting them as 300 boys, they'd still be at the top end of 2a..
  5. In Tn, the privates have the option to play in the public school division, but, have to use a 1.5 to 1 factor in there classification.. In other words, if a private school has 400 boys, they would have to play in the class with schools with 600 boys, whatever class that would put them in.. CAL, for example, has about 300 boys, so, if Ky had Tn rules, they'd play in 4a and based on 450 boys, they'd be in the lower to middle part of 4a..
  6. Sometimes teams are just that much better and the scores get out of hand, even when the 2nd and 3rd teams come in.. Those kids want to do well, too and show the coaches they deserve more playing time. You can't tell those kids to just take a knee for 2 quarters. Noy fair to those kids either.
  7. CC has played just good enough to win games this year.. That's because they have talent everywhere and simply outmanned teams over4 quarters.. In saying that, they don't seem to be in sync at all.. They seem to be just going through the motions right now.. Who knows why.. Some teams are like that, they either play up or down to the competition.. I know this, Owensboro and Graves aren't going to just roll over for them, so, they need to get a little fire in there bellies and start showing some heart to go along with all that talent or they could be in for an early out come playoff time..
  8. I agree that CAL beat the best team in Elizabethtown, but, the way in which LCA manhandled a good Lex Catholic team was the most impressive, imo.. I think most people felt CAL would beat E'Town in a close, hard fought game and that's exactly what happened.. With the LCA game, I think more people leaned toward Lex Cath. or at the very least, felt it was a pick em game, so, winning as they did, has to be the most impressive.. I think most people expected the Danville and Mayfield games to turn out similar to what they did.. While both teams beat highly thought of programs handily, I think it's fair to say that both of there opponents are having down years for there typical standards.. Somerset's win was impressive, especially defensively, but, I don't think many folks are very surprised with that outcome..
  9. I know nothing about the Kings team they just played, but, I'd think Ryle would probably be #1. Beechwood would be either 2 or 3.. I do think the Tigers are better than Lex Cath.
  10. Very solid win for CAL. E'Town is a quality team that I think will be right in the thick of a 3A title run. That CAL/Desales game should be a dandy.
  11. Outside of a bad 1st quarter against Caldwell Co, Graves has played some good ball this year.. They probably deserve to be in the Top 10 in 5A at this point of the season.. There backup played well in Mathis's absence, but, Mathis has a lot of games under his belt behind center and is there best player.. His experience and leadership on the field are intangibles that can't be understated.. Sounds like they have a stud WR, as well.. I expect this to be a competitive game and the Cards will have to play better than they did last week, but, I think they'll be fired up for there crosstown rivals and play more like they did the 1st 3 games and if they do, should have enough playmakers to handle what Graves will throw at them.. Mfd 41 GC 17
  12. 6A ... Trinity ... I don't think it's even close ... 5A ... B. Green ... Still the most talented team in the class ... 4A ... J. Cenral ... I don't think this will be all that close either ... 3A ... E'Town ... Finally getting over the Central hump ... 2A ... Desales ... Already holds 2 wins over ranked 6a teams... 1A ... Beechwood ... Have already beaten 2 teams better than any other in 1a ...
  13. What's the status with Graves QB, Mathis? Is he still out or back playing?
  14. Outside of St X, Trinity and Male and maybe Scott Co, who would you consider a 6a Big Boy? Because, I doubt you see anyone outside of those 3-4 winning a state title anytime in the near future.. IMO, those are the only big boys out there, but, that doesn't mean there aren't a lot of really good 6a teams out there and while I agree, the number put in front of the A gets overblown at times, at the same time, a school with 800-1100 boys pool vs one with a 200-250 pool typically means that the talent will also be better on the team with the bigger pool.. That doesn't mean they'll be the better team, just that the talent and depth itself will be better or at the very least, as good.. Would you agree?
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