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  1. Really depends on the point in the game it happens and the score. Overall, I don't believe it makes a difference. It is huge, however, in the final few seconds and a team is down by 3 or 4. Other than that, I usually don't see this as a momentum breaker or enhancer. Overall, just an air head move by the defender and wasting a foul.
  2. I think all should be classed the same. I don't know the number, but all the same. I would lean to four classes.
  3. Fouling generally that far out on the floor is usually a problem. That is my issue with it. The percentages are just not as good to make the shot further away from the basket, obviously. I am not so sure it is the 3 pointer but where on the floor.
  4. Spare me here. Beat Oakland in Oakland and this is not an issue.
  5. Tomlin is not overrated IMO. His act gets old like any coach who has been in the NFL very long. You know what they will say and how they will coach.
  6. Yes, the lovely lady, my brother-in-law and me. Thought my mom world go, but it is going to be too much for her. We are in Section 17. I did not know there was goin gto be a BGP tailgate part. Let me know where. We are planning to brig a cooler and do some pregame sammies and drinks.
  7. I have one extra ticket for the game. If interested, give me a PM.
  8. Glad it will stay open for those that love it. Just a burger joint to me. Good burger, nothing special.
  9. My son, who is a chef, swears and cooks by this method at home. Says it is the best way to cook.
  10. Back at you guys and gals!!
  11. Yes, Williams was beat like a drum yesterday. They need help there. Your other two are spot on. They need 3-4 linebackers
  12. Just overmatched. The Browns have great young talent.
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