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  1. Hard fought game. Camels defense was on point tonight, forcing the Mustangs to take some questionable shots. Go Camels
  2. Also a big shoutout to Kason Jackson, and Hunter Reinhart for quality minutes in this game.
  3. Nice win for the Camels, and they were down a starter.
  4. We didn’t see a deer. I only heard 5 shots Saturday morning, and 1 Saturday evening. Sunday, 1 shot in the AM, 0 shots on the evening. I would guess I normally hear 30-40 shots on early muzzle loader weekend. Most everyone I’ve talked to saw nothing, or if they did, it was very small bucks. ☹️☹️☹️
  5. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to hunt. I'm hoping to get out this weekend.
  6. I haven't been since opening weekend, too hot for me. I'm planning on hitting it again this weekend.
  7. WOW........ That’s a deer of a lifetime. I think I’d be looking for some big oak trees full of acorns somewhere close. Good luck, I’m cheering for you.
  8. I’ve had that same problem with my pictures. I’ve had luck by cropping the pictures, then take a screen shot of the cropped picture. The has worked for me.
  9. Well, the first weekend has come and gone. Seems that my shooters have moved off of corn, and are on acorns. Not surprising. Now just trying to figure which oak tree, out of the literally hundreds on this 288 acres to set up on.
  10. Another that might be on the list.
  11. Finally got a daytime picture of this guy.
  12. Pendleton County, and Campbell County Barrel feeder is Campbell County Feeder on the tree is Pendleton County. I have another camera in Pendleton County that I just put out Sunday.
  13. A couple more I didn’t have the date changed in the last picture.
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