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The Swami's Class 2A Picks (9/13)


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1. Christian Academy- Louisville at Newport Central Catholic

It's a Top 10 showdown but the Breds are fading as they run.

CAL is coming in off another big win, the post game is always fun.

Harris is grinding for all the tough meters,

With a shutdown D, noone CAL is the Class' leader.

The Breds will fight hard, but don't have the closing kick.

A four TD deficit leaves their fans feeling sick.



2. Danville at 3A Waggener

If you love some speed, if you love some skill,

This inter-class matchup will give you a chill.

Waggener has talent, but they don't go very deep.

Against the red hot Ads, that hill is too steep.

It stays tight for a bit, but this game gets out of hand.

The undefeated dream lives on in the Ville of the Dan.



3. DeSales vs. 5A Fern Creek

This next stretch won't be easy, the Colts are in the storm.

It's all about pushing their limits, so their rival's tail gets warm.

Fern Creek is no slouch, in fact they will be quite the foe,

DeSales Offense is starting to click and they are well rested though.

The hits will be hard, both teams left healing their bruises.

In a give and take game, it's the Colts that the Swami chooses.



4. Mayfield vs. 5A Graves County

The Champions of the far West, the challenge is close to home.

Graves is starting to trend, but Mayfield is in the zone.

Graves will put points on the scoreboard, they have a star in Goatley.

But their Defense isn't ready for Mayfield, and I bet they won't show me.

The Cardinals continue to score, they leave the Eagles hurtin'.

Mayfield takes this one over, a pair of scores from Mr. Halliburton.



5. Lexington Christian Academy vs. #8 Walton- Verona

The game of the week, these two top schools clad in blue and white.

A well played game I fully expect Friday night.

Walton-Verona has a chip, while the Eagle are on a high.

The Bearcats surprise them early on, their play calling is not shy.

The Eagles collect their bearings, they are a second half squad.

My victor is the school who has chapel for God.



6. Glasgow at 4A Warren East

Defeat is a bitter taste, Glasgow found out last week.

In a back and forth game ACS ended their streak.

Warren East is next, home on the blue field they are sassy.

The Raiders have success on the ground led by Thomas Maxey.

The Scotties stay tight, they almost pull it out.

They end up losing, but it's far from a rout.



7. Owensboro Catholic vs. 5A Apollo

Back in the win column in a big way, now time for some 'Mo.

An over matched rival means the Aces' stats will grow.

After some tough games, this will be two straight fast starts.

The Aces get rolling with their King of Hartz.

Building a large lead, it becomes too much to follow.

The Aces reign supreme and complete the mission of Apollo.



9. Somerset vs. 5A North Laurel

A step up in Class is welcome many Somerset fans will say,

At this point the Jumpers have to be tired of playing Class A.

North Laurel may not have history, but they are not a bad team.

Looking to remain undefeated, they have a head full of steam.

Defense will be tested, Offense will certainly sag far.

In the end it is a surprise as a bunny tops a Jaguar.



Prestonsburg at 3A Floyd Central

With two Top 10 games, it means our bonus is a double.

In the battle for Sundy Best country, is the established squad in trouble?

The new school is off to a surprising start at 4 and Zero,

They haven't seen a player like Ethan Varney, the Blackcat Hero

In a wild environment, it's size against speed.

In a 4th Quarter victory, Pburg gets a win they badly need.



Todd County Central vs. 1A Fulton City

Who is this team on verge of a 4-0 start?

Too many their wins have not been pretty, to Todd it has been art.

The Bulldogs won't make it easy, up stream T.C.C. swims,

They don't score often but when they do it's often Mimms.

The Rebels get a key stop late, they add a score for good measure.

They get the big win and give Coach Broady much pleasure.


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I think CAL will likely win but no way they're beating NewCath by 4 TDs.


Why not, Belfry beat them by about that many and CAL is likely better defensively than the Pirates are.. I don't expect NCC to score more than 7-10 points and I expect CAL to score at least 28 to 35, so, 3-4 scores looks pretty accurate, imo..

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Why not, Belfry beat them by about that many and CAL is likely better defensively than the Pirates are.. I don't expect NCC to score more than 7-10 points and I expect CAL to score at least 28 to 35, so, 3-4 scores looks pretty accurate, imo..


Belfry is another kind of animal.

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NCC was inside the 20 4-5 times against belfry. They drove the ball. Belfry is better than CAL! Not saying CAL isn't great but belfry is better. Newcath will be ready tomorrow an anything can happen on a Friday night!


If take this years CAL over this years Belfry team by a TD or 2. Of course we'll never know for sure. I'd have taken Belfry last year.

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