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  1. I just saw another video. There were multiple punches thrown after the game. I'm not sure what punishment can be dished out being that this was the championship game but the fight was much nastier than indicated.
  2. Congrats to Central. Some interesting decisions were made in this game.
  3. I'm not sure it impacted their decision tonight, but they had the same situation against Boyle and the kick was blocked to end the half.
  4. Honestly, you don't really know if people you KNOW are joking sometimes. You have to take threats seriously.
  5. I don’t fault the school for closing or the police for taking action. I don’t think this man deserves a felony on his record but he needs to know that it’s not okay to joke about threatening the lives of children. What if the lady in New Jersey would have dismissed the guy in Lawrenceburg as a joke?
  6. It goes against everything I stand for, but I'm close to sucking it up and paying the dang $9.95. :ohbrother:
  7. I'll be surprised if he averages 53.5 points per game this season.
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