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  1. I say no to additional replay. With that being said, I don’t think Bruce Pearl even caught the double dribble so even if there was expanded replay or a challenge system, I don’t think Pearl challenges it.
  2. And you have no idea what happened or what was said in the scuffle that may have caused Puig to go off. Or do you? I’ll hang up and listen.
  3. People are now upset that Puig stood up for his teammates? The man just can’t win with some people.
  4. The foul call was 100% correct. They missed the double dribble on Jerome though.
  5. Going to Cancun in early June for a wedding (my first Time our of the country) and going straight from there to Hilton Head for a family in-law vacation (my first time there). Still figuring out honeymoon destination but we are looking at Bar Harbour, ME or somewhere like Wyoming.
  6. I don’t have the numbers (and don’t know where to find them) but I’m guessing many don’t actually get their grad degree. They are just using the system for another year of eligibility. The new proposal will hopefully push them towards getting the grad degree.
  7. I saw that he told officials he did this to get away from his own family and that Timmothy's seemed a lot better than his own dad. Dude, you're 23... You can get away from your own family without impersonating a missing child.
  8. Grad Transfers in Men’s NCAA basketball: 2011- 15 2012- 25 2013- 39 2014- 55 2015- 68 2016- 87 2017- 94 2018- 124
  9. Sounds from the article that Cal agrees with the rule, or atleast he did a few years ago. Hard for UK fans to say the NCAA is out to get them if that’s the case.
  10. I researched that because it made no sense to me. The extension Cal signed in 2017 is for $8 million a year (same as UCLA’s offer). The $9.2 million figure he’s making this year has to include bonuses I would believe.
  11. Well UK just offered Cal a lifetime contract so hopefully fans are happy with him.
  12. Would I? Maybe for you but I guarantee there are some that fit that scenario.
  13. I think some are more excited Duke lost than they are upset that UK lost.
  14. UK’s defense seems to be keeping Auburn in check so far. Hmmm.
  15. Someone said in another thread that Gonzaga is on par with UK over the past 10 years. I think Hatz’ first post was in jest of that.
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