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  1. They cancelled a JV game? Oh my Lord!!! That's it, shut down the school. They clearly have no purpose to exist. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THEY CANCELLED A JV FOOTBALL GAME!! The apocalypse cometh. Why even have a school IF they're going to cancel JV FOOTBALL games? Seriously? Could they maybe, just maybe, have a legitimate and rational reason? Just a thought.
  2. Knowing a little something about the topic myself, the fact that he would even consider the "speaking" thing just screams that he never really understood what sobriety means or how to maintain it. Predictable result.
  3. Holmes has fallen a long way of late. Good kids I'm sure, but where is the talent?
  4. What are you driving, a cement mixer? Two hours tops.
  5. Really? Like, this is even a question? If you don't like pumpkin pie you are clearly lacking in some fashion. You must be a communist Nazi spy sympathizer nut of some kind. Pumpkin pie with oil coagulated Into a white creamy chemical topping Is an American classic. 'Merica.
  6. Hush, be quiet. You might make some sense. And Lord knows classification in basketball is evil.
  7. Why is it people talk about this as if it is something other than what it truly is? Shoplifting is THEFT pure and simple. It's not a lesser crime because it has the label "shoplifting." Goodbye, go play somewhere else. Let somebody else give you a second chance.
  8. So this is really about one play, or series of plays? If so, credibility lost.
  9. Tied at 34 at the end of regulation. They go to OT.
  10. Not at the game. Anyone have anything on the Battle for the Paddle?
  11. Saw in their job postings. What happened to Brian Moore. Seemed like a good guy and a really good coach.
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