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  1. Rumors they are going to hire assistant on staff.
  2. This job is going to be rough for whoever takes it.
  3. They hired Butler assistant and former AAU coach Coach Deshawn Pendleton.
  4. Heard he was eyeballing the Assumption job all year. Just rumors, just rumors.
  5. They may have eliminated his school based job or was going too. Also heard the parents were clowns.
  6. Pendleton from Brown and former Manual coach.
  7. Anyone hearing of any coaching changes are openings for 2018-2019?
  8. Player A was 1st or 2nd leading scorer at a Private School last week, and has left and supposedly be Eligible for public school this week. Player C was leading scorer for Public School last year, was ineligible first 5 games this year and is now eligible at new Public School this year. The KHSAA has the least amount of restrictions on transfers in the whole entire USA. You can literally play at 2-3 different high schools per year if you really wanted. Just make a good claim, give a phony address of an aunt or uncle or friend of family, say you live there. #JOKE This is ruining the girls game.
  9. JCPS is a Public School System that skims off the top for the highest achieving students and the highest excelling students and corrals them into 4-6 High Schools and then the rest average about a 16 on their ACT. https://www.bizjournals.com/louisville/news/2017/10/13/what-jcps-school-has-the-highest-act-score.html#g/421825/11
  10. Its not Butlers fault, or Manuals or Males, or Easterns. Its JCPS allowing things to happen that always give those four schools an upperhand, but continually make those other schools in the distrcit play them. Those 4 schools against the rest of JCPS in the last Decade is like 200 wins and 7 Losses.
  11. Is this tournament a recruiting tool for the programs AAU teams? Will teams with poor records allowed to participate in this event in the future or is this for the elite teams only.
  12. As an onlooker, could someone please tell me why JCPS would allow 4 schools to beat the brakes off of every other school in the district on a yearly basis. These scores a flat out joke. 83-2 , 97-7, 73-5, etc. Butler, Eastern, Male, and Manual should be in their own league. There is no other schools in all of the other JCPS schools, that can even have a competitive game with them. Those four schools could beat NAIA schools and small D2 schools, while many of their competitors could not even beat elementary travel ball teams.
  13. Just an overtime question, in wake of the college and shoe company outing. Do you know of any players on your respective high school teams that get free trips to Events paid for by shoe companies, does anyone hear of teams with Star players getting their high schools hooked up? I have heard Nike and Adidas pump in Merch to High Schools that have Elite Level Talent. Just curious. I know all schools will purchase Nike or Adidas , but are there any that get it for FREE?
  14. Covington (Holy Cross) should be in there. Butlers JV players from last year are eligible for Varsity action after transferring in last year and sitting out a year. (JV players already with D1 scholarship offers......HMMM) Dupont Manual
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