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  1. My question is who cares where he goes to high school? If you are one of these that do.....let me help make your day even better. I have decided to go to Arby's for lunch today. :clap::dancingpa:taz:
  2. Next move is taking his talents to South Beach! I can't wait for the special on ESPN.
  3. May just be a rumor picking up steam, but I hear it rhymes with Clang Clang!?!?!?!
  4. North Oldham job has been open since season ended.....have they started interview process? Pretty quiet if they have???
  5. I don’t coach so I don’t know inside info. But the number of coaches in that short period points to some problems.
  6. Heard someone talking about it this weekend, but have no idea if true or not.
  7. This is not just an OC issue. But the reason most coaches leave is because of parents. I find it hard to believe that they have hired 7 “weak” coaches in 12 years? Maybe just coaches that found it wasn’t worth it to put up with the issues.
  8. May have heard something he didn’t like. With the withdrawal, I would say it’s Higdon, Seger, or North Bullitt assistant???
  9. I know at least one interviewed-but withdrew afterwards.
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