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  1. Golden Tate also got suspended for 4 games today.
  2. I had no idea people knew or cared about this.
  3. Chases? I don’t think he will chase anything. He’s at the point in his career he will coast as much as possible through the regular season. However, he will accidentally average close to a triple double.
  4. To each his own but imo that is just not true. Depending on type of haircut obviously, there is a huge difference between going to a good barber and a Great Clips type place.
  5. I think the Bucks have to be the favorite at the moment with Philly slightly behind. It will be interesting to see Philly with Horford and without Butler.
  6. They are currently the favorites in Vegas. Right ahead of the Lakers.
  7. LeBron still has 3 years left on the deal he signed with the Lakers. He will make a little over $37MM this year.
  8. AD waived his trade kicker and will now have $32MM available.
  9. I consistently listen to PMT and KFC Radio from Barstool. Doesn't get much funnier imo. I try to listen to Up First from NPR in the mornings as a quick run down of what's going on politically for the most part. I'll sprinkle in some BiggerPockets when I can (awesome podcast on real estate investing). Lastly, I listen to a ton of fantasy football podcasts during that time of year.
  10. He 100% knew what he was saying.
  11. I think you’re underestimating the rest of Lonzo’s game. He’s a big athletic guard who is a great defender and incredible in transition. He’s 21 years old. Never ever G League or Europe.
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