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  1. This young man comes from an awesome family.. He will do great things..
  2. The powers that be decided to have a youth game and youth league recognition since it's a bowl game.. I didn't get a vote..
  3. Kick off will probably be around 8:30.. Having a youth league game first..
  4. I still have one.. still have a gray one with white BGP logo too.
  5. Congrats Papa ! I'm finally going to be a G daddy in March.. Been waiting 7 years..
  6. I've been hanging around for 18 years also. Doesn't seem that long.. Still the most awesome high school site in the state.
  7. Headed to Punta Cana tomorrow. Hope I make it back alive..
  8. Magen's Bay Beach, St. Thomas is my favorite.. Lido and Siesta Key beaches are as nice as any in the world.
  9. Just think.. Next year the entire month will be 420
  10. Hard to leave Damian Harris off the list... Pretty good running back for Madison Southern and Alabama....
  11. After four straight games on the road, I'm sure the Warriors are ready for a home game....
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