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  1. Cooper was the name mentioned to me last week but that's died way down this week. I think their was mutual interest but as I said, it seems to have ran its course. Cooper is running the LC weight program and essentially all things Lincoln Football in coordination with Jaggers until he gets to Lincoln full-time I believe. I haven't heard about Rogers at Southwestern but good for him! Glad to see him land a job with a good program! I haven't heard much about Jerry Perry either but if he's working with his brother that makes sense. I would imagine the coaching carousel has just about ended for 2022 but who knows!
  2. I've heard 1 name mentioned for the job. He would be a younger coach out of 4A District 7 but conversations didn't reach an agreement. Was a shocking name considering locations of the two parties but would have been a really good hire! Best hopes for Jackson County. They're closer to me and I hope we get this thing turned around!
  3. Interesting season on the horizon for Lincoln. Year 1 of the Jaggers era. There's talent on this roster. 5-6 starters back on each side of the ball. Looking at the schedule, I expect Lincoln to begin 2-0. Pulaski and Southwestern will be a challenge on the road, but I expect Lincoln to compete with both. I expect a win vs East Jess and actually a win vs Bell Co. They finish with a out of district game vs Rockcastle at home, Win. 5-2 non-district. The district is very tough, and Lincoln hits the road for 2/3. I expect a win at Wayne, Loss (Close) at Corbin, and win at home vs Knox Central. 2-1 district. A 7-3 overall record. 2nd place in their district, with another Home-Playoff Game. Coach Jaggers Era starts off on a good note, continuing the success that Crutchfield started 4 years ago. Lincoln has real potential, especially in that 2nd Round Playoff game this time. Watch out for the Patriots!
  4. Where are things with this job? Almost 2 weeks since the last post on this thread (Shockingly) I haven't heard a word here.
  5. Glad to see Jaggers get a warm welcome at Lincoln. Any word yet on his staff? Who is running the off-season program?
  6. The hire is made. I guess the logistics have delayed the announcement.
  7. MUCH better facilities at Mercer. Easier schedule with 3A and Mercer's district. Middle school has been stable for years. The program has traditional support right now. The Mercer job is miles ahead of Lincoln. Garrard will come closer when they make the facilities upgrades that are planned. I think Mercer also has a more steady flow of athletes coming through the school, which helps. The job itself is ahead of Lincoln and Garrard, IMO.
  8. I think DJ, Clevenger, Jaggers will be mentioned. I can even see Mark Peach being interested.
  9. Guys, I was offering an opinion. Nothing more.
  10. How does the next generation of coaches get an opportunity if we keep going back to these guys?
  11. As far as I'm told, this job search is over. Josh Jaggers is the hire, just waiting on the formality. I think this was handled as poorly as possible. I hate it for the kids and for the two coaches who had to go through this process as things were dealt with secretly. Guys, it's a formality and a courtesy to interview assistant coaches who apply for a position. Rogers and Cooper didn't have to get the job, that's fine. But to not interview those two men is just poor leadership. This entire situation has not set well with me and will not with the people I've spoken with, but that's business. I wish the best of luck to Lincoln and hope they have success this season! It's a traditional place and the progress of the last 4 seasons needs to continue to grow. I wish the best for Jaggers as well! I'm just skeptical.
  12. Foley, Senters, and Clevenger are no longer candidates. Clevenger withdrew, as did Goldsmith (Was never a candidate). I think Rogers would be in the running, but now is not. I think he'll be a coordinator by next week at a different school. Right now it's all eyes on Jaggers. I think he's priority one. If that does not happen, Senters may get a call, and I think Cooper gets a call. But truthfully it appears like a hire is being made.
  13. I've heard of one assistant at an area school who has applied. Any names from you guys?
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