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  1. District 3 has to be the most wide open district in the state. I believe that Metcalfe is the best team when fully healthy. Monroe had at least a few players that had to sit out the Edmonson County game after a fight in the Green County game caused several ejections for both teams. Clinton County beat a less than healthy Metcalfe team down a couple weeks ago. Should be a good finish to the season and interesting first two rounds of the playoffs.
  2. About what I figured would happen tonight. Metcalfe had a few starters that didn’t play. Campbellsville is a good team with a shot to make noise in the playoffs if they stay healthy. Open week next week for Metcalfe, then a big district matchup with Monroe County. Hopefully the entire depth chart will be available. Best of luck to the Eagles.
  3. Just hoping Metcalfe can be healthy after the bye week. I’d expect a couple key players to not play Thursday night for the Hornets. Injuries sure hurt Metcalfe this past Friday.
  4. I thought Glasgow played in the 2A tournament? If they moved back to the All A then they are the clear favorite in the fourth and have a shot to make a deep run.
  5. South’s O line will be the difference in this one. I think it’ll be a close first half and South pulls away in the second and wins comfortably by 2-3 scores.
  6. Metcalfe is coming off their first win of the season in a big 22-20 district win in overtime against pre season favorite Edmonson County. Clinton is coming off a 28-14 loss to district foe Monroe County. This game had a scuffle at the end of the game last season between fans and a few of Metcalfe’s staff, luckily players weren’t involved. I expect a tense environment Friday night. I’ll take Metcalfe to go 2-0 in district play by 2-3 scores. Thoughts?
  7. I believe the 07 season was the last to match district foes against each other the first two rounds.
  8. I thought the margin of this game seemed a little small. Are the kids from Campbellsville out very long or just nagging injuries?
  9. It was a very hard fought game by both teams. Edmonson led 7-6 most of the game until they scored to go up 14-6 early in the fourth quarter. Metcalfe would score with three minutes remaining and convert the two point try to tie it up and eventually send it to overtime. Metcalfe got the ball first in the overtime and scored on 4th down, then converted another two point try. Edmonson scored on second down I believe but Metcalfe’s defense stood strong to stop the try and win their first game of the season and go 1-0 in district play. Much needed win for the young Hornets after 3 gut wrenching losses.
  10. Unless I’m mistaken, Adair and Metcalfe both played Russell County very close. Metcalfe is getting better each week as the youthful core of the team gets more and more experience. Hopefully it clicks this week.
  11. I didn’t know about the transfer at the time of the original post. Adding him with Carroll at Greenwood will be a dangerous duo. The 2-3 matchup in the 14th will be a battle of titans.
  12. It seems strange to me not to have Tisdale play both ways. Honestly, it seems strange to me not to play Dingle both ways also. I understand wanting to get them rest but even playing them half of the snaps on the other side of the ball seems like it would be a positive. Can anyone expand on the “Tisdale rumors”?
  13. Tough night for the young Hornets. Barren County is better than I’ve seen them in many years. A few more games to get ready for district play when it really matters. Learn from it and move on.
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