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  1. I was on staff at Campbellsville College when Max came through. Fine young Warrior. Very Good Choice.... Good Luck Big Fella....
  2. John Hardin is now in control... Great effort Campbellsville Eagles...
  3. John Hardin - 61 Campbellsville - 51 6:00 to go
  4. John Hardin - 50 Campbellsville - 47 Headed to 4th quarter
  5. Could be the best 1st round match-up in Central Kentucky.... Tonight @ Taylor County High School.... Who You Got?
  6. Know Max well... Would be a solid choice as well...
  7. Holy Cross is great on defense... They can rush 3 or four and drop 7 or 8 and they do it well...
  8. Actually, Bethlehem is the #2 seed, Campbellsville is the #3...
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