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  1. What are the plans for a new stadium? Location? Etc. My understanding is that only aluminum bleachers will be approved by the KY BOE.
  2. I have been partial to the Packers for a long time. Hornung, Taylor, Starr, Fuzzy Thurston, Jerry Kramer got me started. Green Bay Sweep. ‘’Go Pack Go!”
  3. Hopkins Co has ended fall sports? So Calloway v Hoptown is D1 winner? I should have checked facts first. HCC is playing Logan.
  4. Central is improving on offense. Defense...not so much.
  5. Can Bowling Green make the SW QB uncomfortable? Key to the game. Thinking, yes they can. Purples win a close one.
  6. The game being at AC-S will be an advantage for the Pats. The team has a load of confidence going into this game. AC-S is a Senior loaded team. Mobile QB and a beast that may be called a RB but runs like a FB. Tough customer. But...Danville is Danville. I think this will be close but...Ads by a TD.
  7. After what Russell County did to Warren East I think they have to be considered.
  8. In my opinion this would not be a big upset. FS is really inexperienced. They have 60 on the roster but only a handful with varsity playing time.
  9. Franklin-Simpson and Russellville play their 77th straight game tonight.
  10. If everyone does what they should we will flatten the curve and beat this crap before summer.
  11. Max played his college ball at Campbellsville University. I believe he is the first Franklin native to coach the Wildcats since Jim Ownby back in the 50's. He obviously knows the town, knows the kids, their families, and the school. Max's Dad Johnny was a standout lineman for the Cats in late 60' early 70's and played college ball at Jacksonville State (I think). He also was invited to a free agent try out with the NY Jets. FSHS picked a winner.
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