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  1. South Oldham has scheduled Franklin Co for Friday night at SO
  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wolfe leaves Male. He’s been pretty outspoken against on how JCPS is handling COVD.
  3. If a school wants to play STX, this would be the year to do it. The next 2 seasons X will be a force in the state.
  4. The playoffs will be a cluster. No one will know from week to week who, if anyone, is playing. Having a 5 week playoff under these conditions is ridiculous.
  5. I know he’s at STX and probably wouldn’t leave there but Kevin Wallace would be a perfect fit for Etown. That is the type of program he would thrive in. But I hope he stays at STX.
  6. The headline on the scores referenced ‘93. They were talking about 1893!!! Geez. I was thinking 1993!
  7. Since it’s unlikely St X and Manual will play, who gets the #1 seed in their district?
  8. ....consider playing Central Hardin or North Hardin on Friday 10/30? North Hardin plays PRP and Fairdale plays Central Hardin on that day and I believe STX has an open date. With JCPS more than likely canceling all athletic events next week, this would be an opportunity for either of the Hardin Co schools to pick up a quality 6A opponent. Same for STX. Since you have a pretty good idea on what is going on at STX, what are the chances?
  9. Always like when teams travel out of their region to play high profile games. Better competition & exposure for both teams.
  10. If what you said is correct (and I have no reason to doubt you) that is an incorrect call. Just because a player is running out on the field, that is not an illegal substitution penalty. A substitute has the opportunity to come onto the field and replace a player. Just coming on the field does not constitute illegal substitution if the ball is dead. If the ball is live, then it can be illegal substitution or if the substitute actually played before getting set, then it would be illegal participation.
  11. Maybe the coaches don’t like it but I know the kids enjoy playing on a Saturday afternoon especially if the weather is good. A change in the regular weekly routine breaks up the monotony of the season (even if there isn’t anything normal about this season).
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