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  1. Congratulations to these young men. Out of the ~100 players that were on the 2019 freshman team these guys survived a lot of obstacles in 4 seasons to get where they are today. Overcoming a pandemic, canceled spring practice in 2020, off-season conditioning and weightlifting and 6:00 AM practices & workouts shows the character of these seniors. Whether you are a starter or a valuable reserve, run onto the field with your head held high and be proud of what you've accomplished.
  2. Unless I overlooked them, I don't see either StX team in the pool play. I would think they dropped out because of the heat.
  3. Has Mekhi Smith signed to play football next year? Being a 3 year starter at St X I thought he would get an opportunity to play college football but I haven't seen where he signed. Anyone know?
  4. I was talking to a parent who has a son playing at STX. He said because of the lack of availability of the football field because of other sports using it after school, they have had a few 90 minute practices at 6:00 AM before school and practices on Sunday afternoon.
  5. A lot of schools have completed spring practice, have finished a few practices or will be starting soon. Would like to hear any reports on spring practices and how things are going. This is the time when coaches see what they have returning and what areas they need to work on when July practice starts. Feel free to post.
  6. I know that certain regions of the state do things a little differently than other regions especially in the last 2 years. One of the things I’ve noticed is the elimination of captains and the HC meeting with the Referee at midfield for the coin toss. Some regions have just the 2 HCs meeting with the white hat for the toss without the team captains. I was wondering if the KHSAA has established a standard way to conduct the toss. It was always an honor to be selected a captain and to represent your team at the toss. A lot of times being selected was a way to reward a player (usually someone who doesn’t get a lot of playing time) for a good week of practice. Now, for the most part, walking to midfield as a captain has been eliminated from the game. Here’s hoping that this tradition makes a return for the 2022 season.
  7. Does a kid who has been at Cov Cath, Trinity or say STX, who has been on the fringe of playing time but hasnt made the 2 deep roation as a SR, transfer for more playing and give up the prestige of graduating from a private school in order to get more playing time? Financially parents have a lot invested in 3 years and don't get that diploma they wanted 3 years ago.
  8. Once he proves himself at the FCS level, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him transfer up to the FBS level.
  9. The same as last year's opponents with the sites (except for Trinity game) flipped. Only 3 regular season home games last year; 6 this year. Should be interesting. Aug 5 at Eastern (Gold scrimmage) Aug 12 Fredrick Douglas (Scrimmage) Aug 19 Owensboro Aug 26 Lou Central Sept 2 at Male Sept 9 Open Sept 16 at Cincy Elder Sept 23 Trinity (Cardinal Stadium) Sept 30 Ryle Oct 7 Manual Oct 14 at Butler Oct 21 PRP Oct 28 Bowling Green
  10. Hey Tigerpride94, who do you envision being StX’s QB for 2022? Will they move Boone back to QB or go with Havill?
  11. I remember my HS days and we had maybe 8 cheerleaders. StX must have had 40+. My how things have changed.
  12. When Wallace went to StX he inherited a program that was going downhill fast. He had to restructure the whole culture back to what StX was known for. It may not have been as fast as the fans and alumni wanted but he got the job done and the future looks bright. His 2022 team should be even better than this year’s team. A lot of young guys played major roles this season
  13. Is it just me or is the 6A game always the last one to be played?
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