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  1. I don’t imagine there are a lot of KY schools standing in line to play Trinity
  2. This goes against what HS sports are all about. Dressing for a Friday night game is a reward for the all year conditioning and spring and pre-season practices. I can’t imagine anyone not included in the 60 would continue to want to be on the team even though I’m sure there will be some. It’s a big disadvantage for teams like FD, Trinity, STX & Male who have been known to fill the sidelines with players. Just doesn’t seem right that the KHSAA can limit the number of players even though some schools have an overflow of assistant coaches, trainers, statisticians, etc on the sidelines. Appears to me this is directly aimed at the larger schools who traditionally dress 80 players.
  3. Only 3 home games. That’ll be tough
  4. Looks like Simon Kenton has an open date Oct 2. I believe SK and X were supposed to have a preseason scrimmage
  5. I see DeSales is playing So Oldham and Lex Catholic has scheduled Cov Cath on Nov 6. So that eliminates those teams from being scheduled on the last week of the season.
  6. Drove by the other day and it looks like they’ve got the bleachers up but they haven’t started working on the press box. Now that may have changed since I was by the school. BTW, those bleachers are quite high. Definitely more seating capacity than the old stands. They were also installing the new track so things are progressing nicely.
  7. I believe this years SR class is the class everyone has been waiting to see since their FR year. The upcoming JR & SOPH classes aren’t that strong when compared to other THS classes. But we’ll just have to wait and see what the future brings.
  8. Hard to believe he’s been at Trinity for 21 years. If he does retire congratulations on a great career at THS.
  9. If some feel Rebel is offensive simply change the nickname to Colonels, which, by definition, is a southern gentleman. But I’m sure that would also be offensive to some even though it dates back to the Revolutionary War.
  10. I was by there over the weekend and they’ve got the concrete footings in place. So progress is definitely being made.
  11. On the KHSAA website, it shows they have 2 games scheduled against Lou Shawnee & Lex Sayre.
  12. Love to see those Lou vs Lex matchups. Need to get those NKY teams involved as well to ensure competitive games.
  13. Any word if construction of the stands at Ballard’s stadium will be completed in time for the 2020 season? I don’t believe they played a home game last year. What a terrible year for the seniors on that team: no home games, no prom, no graduation, etc.
  14. I was in Brandenburg last week and saw a lot of construction being done around the football field. Can anyone give an update as to what improvements are being made and will they be ready for the start of the season (whenever that may be)? Thanks in advance.
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