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  1. Please pray for Hopkinsville High School basketball team. Last year's leading scorer for the Tigers, Alijah Watts was shot and killed this evening. The Tigers will play in the 2nd region tournament tomorrow.
  2. Not sure where to post this thread or even if it has been mentioned elsewhere. The Christian County school board voted to consolidate Hopkinsville High School and Christian County High School. This means the school attendance will be around 2500 students. Combining two athletic programs will be an interesting transition for both schools and has the potential to produce some excellent teams in many sports. They want to be in the new school in 2024.
  3. The State of Virginia just cancelled their high school football season. https://www.pilotonline.com/sports/vp-sp-vhsl-plans-fall-sports-20200715-tkzibu4iwvdcro6az6jugk2hva-story.html
  4. Nice signing for a great young man. Hope he does well. Hate he didn't get to play at Rupp and see how far they could have gone.
  5. This is probably the best video I have seen on the COVID19 virus. It is from an ICU doctor at Cornell Hospital in New York City. He was answering questions to his family online. They have since past it on for those in the US to see. The first 20 minutes are really encouraging if you follow whats being asked. Covid_19_Protecting_Your_Family_Dr_Dave_Price_3_22_2
  6. Wow...that is a great pickup for the Hilltoppers.
  7. I personally think Murray will be one of teams to beat the next few seasons. They are young and already proved they could play with anyone in the region. They should only improve.
  8. I believe that all Kentucky schools will be closed starting Monday through at least the end of the month.
  9. Webster will play Madisonville tomorrow night for the championship
  10. I thought they were finished at that point, but Johnson had ice in his veins and dropped those free throws each time.
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