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  1. One night after Graves beats Murray they get beat by the Vikings. Great job by Coach Denson and his team.
  2. McCracken got up 18 early and stayed double digits all night. 13 straight wins over Marshall County
  3. Marshall cancelled with McCracken on Friday.
  4. Mayfield won the Region in 1978 also and 1992. They have had basketball success considering they are a small school.
  5. Mayfield has athletes, Graves usually has skilled basketball players. Mayfield had a real good group of athletes that were skilled basketball players and won the region in 2019.
  6. Can't go against Brower in the first. His teams just seem to get better and better each year and plays a very good out of region schedule. 2nd region Newton. Madisonville will be the hard to beat in the 2nd.
  7. 1st Region McCracken 2nd Region Lyon 3rd Region Owensboro Catholic, Owensboro 4th Region Greenwood, Warren Central
  8. yes 2nd District Championship @ Paducah Tilghman. 5th straight District Championship for the Mustangs.
  9. McCracken had the lead going into halftime. Ballard shot the ball extremely well from behind the three point line. McCracken showed why they are the best team in region 1 right now. McCracken is so disciplined and share the ball.
  10. News said that was 11 straight wins for the Mustangs over Paducah Tilghman.
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