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  1. 3-peat for Murray High. 11-7 record without Whitaker was too much for the Cardinals.
  2. McCracken just finds ways to win. Even when they play bad they find a way to pull games out. New coach and they just don't miss a beat.
  3. Next game vs Marshall County. Dec 2016 was the last time Marshall beat McCracken. Marshall would love to break the streak and ruin McCracken's undefeated season. Big night for the Marshalls.
  4. McCracken is the definition of consistent. That is what separates them from the rest of the region.
  5. McCracken leads the series 18-3 over Marshall ( according to KHSAA scoreboard) 13 in a row dating back to Dec 9th 2016. Marshall hasn't played anything close to McCracken's level. I expect McCracken will to make it 14 in a row.
  6. 1. McCracken 1A Murray 3. Calloway 4. Mayfield 5. Paducah Tilghman 6. Marshall 7. Graves 8. Ballard 9. Hickman 10 Carlisle Co.
  7. Marshall, Graves and McCracken all have new coaches for upcoming season. Should be interesting to see if where each of these programs are headed.
  8. Marshall County was a premier job but falling on hard times of late. McCracken has taken the top spot in the First Region and has kept Marshall from winning a regional twice. Timing of retirement makes the list of possible names for this job very small.
  9. Yes large numbers of Middle School baseball players during the fall. Baseball is year round and killing football in the fall.
  10. That coaching staff has been together since the consolidation of that school 9 years ago. Smart of McCracken to keep that job "In House" and reward those coaches. . Each year those teams at McCracken are very good fundamentally and prepared. McCracken has been the gold standard of Region 1 not just in wins but they do things the right way. I would expect that to continue as a top class program.
  11. When McCracken beat Murray at Murray that made 50 straight wins in a row vs Region 1 teams. Big accomplishment for any program. Mccracken was without their leading scorer and rebounder.
  12. Sweet victory for Coach Frick and Graves County.
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