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  1. By giving kids a place to play. Out of state JUCO's take kids from KY (but out of state tuition for walk-ons/partial scholarships are out of some kids reach financially) if we had legit JUCO's giving scholarship to KY kids would be awesome even if some where partial scholarships. Illinois is full of JUCO's.
  2. Region 1. Chris Voght Graves Co. NKU/Cincinnati Patrick Hubert St. Marys Bethel University Zion Harmon Marshall Co. Western KY Jackson Sivills McCracken Co. Murray State James Boone Murray High. Samford
  3. Madisonville would have had a legitimate shot to win one this year. Paducah Tilghman has struggle since McCracken consolidated. ( lost something like 10 straight games to McCracken) Just for conversation who would be the best bet to win a State Championship out of these teams?
  4. Region 1 All Purchase team comes out tomorrow. I say Jackson Sivills will be named player of the year.
  5. What about Mcknight? He is already signed can't see both point guards getting enough playing time.
  6. I think Murray may be the favorite starting the year. I would say then Tilghman but they have to get over the mental part of beating McCracken. It has been something like 10 straight games they have lost to McCracken. McCracken seems to always be the team to beat. 5 out 7 years Mccracken has been in the Championship game. Eric Chumbler the voice of the Mustangs tweeted out the numbers after they won the regional championship and it was crazy what McCracken has done over the last few years. Calloway lost a bunch to graduation. Graves struggled this year and lost most everything again. Fulton Co. showed some promise in the regional tournament this year. Hard to say about what Marshall will be like. Too many question marks on if Harmon comes back or not.
  7. Might as well spark up talk about future basketball. With graduation hitting some teams hard where do you see these schools headed. 4 semi-final teams. McCracken- Can they continue to dominate after Sivills? The Mustangs only lose two seniors. Heard will be missed on the inside and his rebounding and Sivills may be one of the best to have played in this area in a long time. McCracken brings back lots of young players who saw big minutes and played in lots of big games. Marshall- Stokes, Powell, Flatt are gone. These guys have started for a long time. Harmon rumors are alway flying around so if he is gone the Marshalls have a ton to replace. Mayfield- The cardinals new coach will have to replace 8 seniors again. Paducah Tilghman- Laster carried a big load both scoring and rebounding.
  8. McCracken beats Marshall for the third time this season after losing their best defender. Jones was the one guy who could somewhat match-up with Harmon. Hats off the the Mustangs and their coaching staff.
  9. McCracken vs Marshall.. This should be a good championship game. This will be McCracken 5th regional championship game in the 7 years they have been a school.
  10. Radio broadcast had Calloway with only two FG made the second half. Heard did a great job on Steele.
  11. Jackson Sivills (Murray State Signee) two 30+ vs Madisonville against Kenny White 30+ game vs Marshall County 22 vs Collins ( Mcknight had 4 points) In King of Bluegrass 22 vs Male in OT loss, 24 vs Larue in win at KOB 33 vs Madisonville 18 vs Fairdale I 33 vs GRC in win 26 vs Louisville Eastern in a win averaging 22 ppg and 8 rebounds Kept McCracken a top 10 team all year. Would like to finally see a region 1 player get the credit he deserves. Can't say they haven't travel throughout the state this year.
  12. McCracken's defense was very good. Just didn't give Tilghman good looks. McCracken keeps getting solid play out of the other players and Sivills may be the best player in the State. Murray State is getting a winner in Sivills. He does whatever it takes to get the W.
  13. Year end and year out McCracken seems to just keep putting really good teams on the floor. Not one season have they been the favorite to win the Region but by mid-season they seem to be the top contender.
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