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  1. Creech played against mountain teams since the 6th grade. These teams often comprised of many middle school players while she was a senior. She took 101 shots a game. Rewarding a player because of where they’re born does not seem remotely reasonable for her to win Miss Basketball. There was several better players than her her senior year. And since then there have been no Miss Basketball winners I would give Creech the nod over. There are girls all over the NCAA in top 25 colleges making big impacts and Creech is not one of them.
  2. Maybe you missed my point that Maddies stats were better than any Kentucky player if you include all categories. For sure top 5 in state. But either way, this award, I would guess has nothing to do with stats but has to do with who is the best player. I heard Mya did very well in the summer playing with maddie, so maybe she did have a chance to win Gatorade? I’ve seen Mya several times in school ball. She is a dominant player there but in my opinion she’s not on Maddies level. Never saw them together in the summer
  3. I understand what your saying. I have seen maddie play several times and you can tell by the way she plays her points only stats won’t be impressive. But I bet if you look at total stat points (include the other 4 categories) I doubt any player in Kentucky averages more TSP than her. Which if your a fan of good basketball (which you might not be) then you can really appreciate what she does. And having watched her about once a year for 4-5 years now I can say without a doubt she’s the best high school girl player I’ve ever seen. Nothing irked me more than several years ago when people tried to make case that Whitney Creech was more deserving of Miss Basketball than Erin Boley because HER STATS were better. But even then no one tried to claim Creech was an overall better player than Boley cause just looking at stats says so little. (For some reason you believe it says so much?) Leading a team to a state championship is a pretty big deal too. She won the Sweet Sixteen MVP and I bet her STATS especially points was not impressive yet everyone who watched the games saw her as the MVP. You have another player in mind you think deserves Gatorade POY more?
  4. Odd list here heading into the tournament. No offense meant, but besides SK, no one on this list has a chance to win state. Maybe Butler or Bethlehem make some noise but they likely won’t even make the state tournament. Winning streaks against bad teams means nothing.
  5. The list is out for the 10th region coaches 2019-20 awards. Most of the list seems to make sense. Biggest upset (but maybe not a surprise) Marie Kiefer wins POY over Kennedy Igo. Although I think Meredith would have won it anyway if she hadn’t gotten hurt. Don’t like how coaches spread around their votes because I do think some 2nd and 3rd team players are too low while some 1st and 2nd team are too high. 1st team Marie Kiefer Kennedy Igo Mallory Holbrook Zoe Strings Sofia Allen 2nd team Jaylyn Jackson McLain Murphy Tyra Flowers Hayden Barrier Brianna Byers 3rd team Chez Tye Kaitlin Ecklar Rachel Payne Kylie Koeninger Jamie Cowan
  6. Seen her coach, seems fine when I’ve seen her. It does seem to me her first year when she had all senior tall girls (Mallory Schwartz and Carly Lange group) heading off to play college ball they should have won the region. As you said it’s hard to say cause her talent level has been so high. Last years Ryle team I think almost any coach could have won state. Schwartz should have won Miss Basketball. Imagine having two miss basketballs on your team plus the surrounding cast. Hard to mess that up. Once they move past the Scherr era we will see how they do. They will have enough talent to win but the coaching will make a bigger difference.
  7. Way to go Kennedy! Been watching her since her Montgomery County days, great great player! NKU got lucky getting a high level player like her!
  8. I really thought CC had this one, they were playing well, taking time and keeping ahead. 4th quarter we dropped the ball so to speak. Holbrook was not getting the looks needed
  9. Congrats Coach Stamm! Lot of great years on the hardwood!
  10. Is Shelby Valley the team with Cassidy Rowe, girl going to Kentucky? And WV held them to 31 pts? That is suffocating defense. How did that play out?
  11. Congrats Maddie! She has represented nky well and now she’s getting deserved national recognition.
  12. Great coach! I like the ones that get fired up! Congrats Coach Stowers!
  13. The strength of Scott was Mya Meredith. Mya was the top player in the whole region and would have been a top player in the whole state. Very big loss that’s been a real challenge to overcome for the Lady Eagles.
  14. Even if they were the best 8th graders in the whole state that met would struggle against a top team like SH
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