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  1. I figured Nethery from Oldham would be all over this job
  2. Lady Colonels 9-2 and legit. Went 3-0 at PRP Christmas Tourney.
  3. Cats Pause picked Oldham 3rd in region. They are contenders. They held Male to under 60 points and lost by 17. No other team in any region has done that yet. There are other teams in the 8th region other than SK and Anderson. Oldham has a strong schedule and only losses have come to top 15 teams.
  4. No one said they would not have beaten them. Despite Anderson overlooking Oldham, Oldham got the win on the road. That’s to be respected. Now Anderson is beating Eminence to a pulp to prove a point? There’s an unspoken decorum in sports and there’s a lot of cocky teams that can get beat on any given night. Conner is a top 20 team. Anderson may not be. Oldham may be. Who knows. How many years have the team predicted to win the state tournament not make it past the first round? The 6th 7th and 9th region are loaded. The 8th may be anyone’s for the taking.
  5. OC was missing a big. Not saying they would have won, but it could have been a little closer. Can’t take away from Conner. They are good. Each team will have successful year.
  6. Oldham Co will be a big challenge for all in the 8th. They knocked off Anderson on the road. They are legit.
  7. I just saw SK beat GRC by1 point but key GRC players were not listed as scorers such as Igo Bell and Harrison. Does anyone know if they played and why they did not play?
  8. Interesting to see the early match up between AC and OC. OC has had many coaching changes over the past 4-5 years but they’ve got solid players. AC has steady coaching and solid players. It’s time someone else steps up in this region other than SK.
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