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  1. Do you think the kids would have responded differently if a white man approached their group chanting and beating a drum? The biggest display of racism is the comments hurled at the kids by the small group of men.
  2. If Native Americans are offended by it then it should be stopped. I remember when the Washington Bullets changed their name to the Wizards. Tradition is not an excuse for being offensive to a group of people. I am not educated on the tomahawk chop or native american nickname debate so I will refrain from commenting on it, but I could see why the kids may not recognize it as a symbol of racial insensitivity.
  3. Well it IS accepted. Because these teams continue to do it. But that's probably another argument for another thread.
  4. Also, if you want to see a large group of white people doing the tomahawk chop, tune in to the Chiefs/Pats game today. Or any Atlanta Braves game. Or maybe go see a NFL game in Washington. If the tomahawk chop is racially insensitive then it needs to be removed from our professional sports teams. I am not saying it is or it isn't, but that tomahawk chop is widely used in professional, college, and high school sports. If the action is offensive then it shouldn't be accepted there either.
  5. The Native American walked into a group of kids, who had been riled up by a group of men shouting racist remarks at them. Again, the kids shouldn't have mocked him, but he walked into a group of boys chanting and beating a drum.
  6. Who walked up to who? Its obvious who walked up to who. Watch the video! That doesn't exonerate these kids, but to say they are the only ones to blame is just a lack of reasonable judgement.
  7. I see no issue with the current setup. The All-A is a great way for the smaller schools to get a chance to compete on a yearly basis for a region/state title. Having been at both a large school and an A school, the setup seems to work out great. As far as people who don't like the All-A winner calling themselves a state champion, who cares. I promise you the kids/parents/coaches involved in the all-A feel like a regional/state champion when they win and that experience is what is important.
  8. The voting is all done before the postseason. So advancing to state and/or winning state will not be a factor in this award. Wheeler is certainly on the short list of potential winners though. She had a big weekend in Lex.
  9. The biggest issue is they don't update them. No coach who is paying attention would vote Mercy #1 at this point. I am not trying to take anything away from this win, Mercy is a quality opponent and this is a great win for SK....but calling a team #1 for a month+ bc nobody (except BGP) updates the polls on a weekly basis just seems kinda silly.
  10. Can we stop calling Mercy #1 bc the coaches preseason poll in the courier had them there?
  11. If you're basing a list on college potential and don't have Maddie Scherr #1 then you are either A. Can't evaluate talent or B. Haven't seen her play. But that's just the beginning of the issue with the list of players Bolus puts out. Bolus doesn't see these kids play enough to make a judgement. Bolus might have been relevant 10+ years ago when these kids didn't get the exposure they do now, but Kentucky Premier has changed the game for kids in this state. There are tons of other organizations that also provide kids an opportunity well beyond getting on this list Bolus puts out. Maddie Scherr has those offers because her college potential is well above any of the others on the list. The same could be said for kids like Erin Boley, Makayla Epps, Rebecca Greenwell, etc. Kentucky Premier (or any AAU organization) don't get kids "offers." The player EARNS them. The organization provides the platform for that kid to be seen. The Nike GEYBL is a platform the right now is unmatched for those top level division 1 recruits. That doesn't mean that top level division 1 players don't play elsewhere, a lot certainly do, but the GEYBL puts those players in front of the most and biggest coaches on a consistent basis.
  12. Rick Bolus list is awful. Honestly he shouldn't even put a list out.
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