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  1. Congrats to Anderson County who moves on to the semi finals against Owen. Simon Kenton ends a great season after hanging near the top in the state all season.
  2. What a great District Championship game in a packed house at Cooper HS in Union between the #1 girls HS team in all of Kentucky, Conner Cougars, and the #3 (or #5) in KY, Ryle Raiders! The Lady Raiders avenge a 5 point loss to Conner just a couple weeks back and stopped an incredible 26 game win streak for Conner. Ryle goes to 26 - 5, Conner is 29-2, both of their losses coming from Ryle. Great close game, great environment! Hard to believe one of these fine teams had to be the runner up in their district! Plan on catching these 2 teams play at NKU next week.
  3. Ryle got through 3 fine teams in defeating Eastern, Lincoln co, then GRC. Congrats to the Raiders! Ryle's 10th grader Brie Crittendon put up nice stats for tourney as well, made a great impact during the title game, so it may have seemed a no-brainer to include her in the all tourney team after helping her team win the LIT. But, as mentioned, this wasn't the typical "winner gets more" all tourney members. And certainly the others who made the team were also deserving. Lauren Schwartz was named the LIT Defensive MVP, while Maddie Scherr was named the LIT Offensive MVP. Great job
  4. Per Khsaa, this game is re-scheduled for Friday, February 8, 7:30. Should be a very interesting game between two teams who are more friends than foe. Crazy that they are in the same district, yet both are soundly in top 5 in the state (top 3 in some polls). Ryle gave Conner their only loss of the season by 11 back in December, in Hebron. Since then both teams have played tough schedules. Ryle suffered a few losses recently to a couple hi end teams, but seem to be finding a way to play without the athletic MacGregor who appears to be out for the season. It will be senior nigh
  5. I would probably switch #1 and #4. Boyd looks pretty strong, defeating 3 top teams in Lexington for the tourney win as well as winning a Florida tournament. Their lone loss this year came when the 30+ ppg Wheeler was out. Scott County is off to a good start picking up some out of state tournament wins, but they haven't played any ranked in-state teams yet so we'll see how they stack up soon enough. Great to see Conner getting some love after picking up a couple of tournament championships over the holidays! They beat several ranked teams and their lone loss this year came at the hand
  6. Ryle wins again in their second meeting of year with Simon Kenton. Lauren Schwartz led all scorers with 3 Ryle players reaching double digits. The Raiders thumped Dunbar and handily beat Male before falling to eventual champion Boyd County to land in the consolation game at the Traditional Bank Classic in Lexington. Simon Kenton handed host Lexington Catholic a loss earlier in the tournament and then beat Mercy before falling to Highlands, then Ryle. A good showing by NKy teams, but falling short of the championship.
  7. Lady Bluebirds were leading coming in to the 4th quarter of the finals at Lexington Catholic in the Traditional Bank holiday classic. Boyd just edged them out for the championship. Marshall commit Savannah Wheeler was a no brainer for the MVP after her scoring performance this weekend. Kudos to Highlands for defeating top teams Lincoln County and Butler as well as Simon Kenton to earn the finals slot. They came to play! The 9th Region is looking more interesting going into the new year!
  8. Very impressive win, tied at half, see- saw game. What a tournament the unranked Raiders have had, 2 OT wins, beat bgp's # 4, 6, and 14, thrashed by #3. 4 of the games within 48 hours! Ryle should be battle toughened now! Congrats ladies!
  9. Great win for the Raiders! Wow! Murray was ranked 6 in state this week while many questioned Ryle being in the top 5 of the 9th region pre-season and more so with their early season struggles without Scherr. Congrats Ladies! Keep dancing, Cinderella!
  10. Isnt that 4 or 5 double-doubles for Schwartz, JJ? Impressive as Ryle has had a tough run in December. Got run over by Simon Kenton and Holmes with the PG Scherr out hurt, but got wins over Mason, now Eastern. No cream puffs on their schedule so far! Tomorrow the Lady Raiders face top ten Murray.
  11. Bgp #14 Eastern falls to the Lady Raiders at the Traditional Bank Classic. Nice win for Ryle.
  12. 1) there are virtually no Lady Raider fans who post on BGP. 2) Mason co was clearly looking past the young Raiders to the BIG GAME, especially with Ryle's only returning starter out with an injury. Long ride home to Maysville tonight. Congrats Ryle
  13. You don't think Ryle will be 'extra amped' in a state playoff game? On their home field?
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