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  1. Big matchup this Wednesday at Ryle High School. The top 2 teams in Northern Kentucky and 2 of the top 5 in the state meet in what should be a fantastic game. Any thoughts on this one?
  2. She is a senior and will be going to Thomas More.
  3. Glad to see someone include Courtney Hurst of Conner. She has really stepped up her game this year and has become the leader of a very talented team. Ive had the pleasure of watching Courtney since she was an 8th grader. She is definitely deserving of some state wide recognition.
  4. Courtney Hurst of Conner had 25pts. This young lady is having quite a year and deserving of some state wide recognition.
  5. Conner has played SK twice, Highlands, Sacred Heart, Male, Campbell County, Scott, Louisville, NDA and Louisville Eastern and of course their only loss to Ryle. No real patsy's on the Cougars schedule this year. If im not mistaken they are 20 and 1.
  6. Really only 2 to consider in my opinion. Savannah Wheeler or Lauren Schwartz.
  7. You might want to travel up to NKY. Lauren Schwartz is definitely a top 5 player. Zoie Barth at Highlands is a great player and one I've always enjoyed watching play. She definitely deserves some consideration. There are a number of good players in NKY that are deserving of consideration.
  8. CCH seems to be taking it on the chin in the past few months where it pertains to the press and social media. Deservedly so? Maybe?
  9. I agree. I know of one official who is very good but thinks everyone came to see him. Too much banter with players and especially the fans. Quit trying to be cute and call the game
  10. No! No! No! On Hoard please. His voice kind of annoys me. If they stay inhouse I'd be ok with Jim Day. No Cowboy or Thom Brenneman either please.
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