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  1. You are right about that. I do think that the people over the students needed to be watching much closer and at the first sign of problems got them out of that area. Young teenage boys with plenty of testosterone pumping and a group like this dont mix well. It would not have mattered who it was, whether they were Black, White, Indian, Asian etc. This was a no win situation for all. Just walk away or get them away. I would guess a group of African American kids would have walked away if the positions were reversed and been well behaved if I am to believe some of you posters on here. We( All Americans, Black, White etc) are screwed.
  2. Its also very telling that group only targeted kids with those racist comments. Adults would have reacted differently I am sure.
  3. Did you watch this video? Do you condone the language the African Americans were using? "Crackers"? Its really telling that nobody has commented on this aspect of the video. Both sides handled this wrong. But to throw 100% blame on the kids is ignoring the facts.
  4. I can tell you after watching all the video there is a lot of wrong going on here from several different sides.
  5. Here is a news article out this morning with a interview with Phillips. Longer video show start of Covington Catholic incident at Indigenous Peoples March
  6. I am not giving a full report to you nor anyone else. I just posted this so if anyone wanted to watch it they could. I never dreamed posting a video of the whole incident would prompt these kinds of responses.
  7. I never said that. I said here is a 1 hour and 45 minute video of the whole confrontation for anyone who is really searching for what happened to watch. If you dont want to watch it then thats ok. I never said anything about white/black/native American. Nothing. Just here was video of the whole thing. When I saw that there were 13 pages on here I tried to figure out what the deal was. Thats all. I am not saying anyone is right/wrong. I am just trying to figure out the whole story. Thats what we all should be doing. Common sense right?
  8. No I never said that at all. Just to be clear cause plain talk is easily understood, I said everyone should watch it all so they can make a informed comment instead of taking 30 sec clips and running with them. Thats all I said.
  9. Watch the video. You have not had time to watch it since I posted it. Its a hour and 45 minutes long. I am not enabling anyone. If you are gonna speak truth then you need to watch and then comment.
  10. I dont know. This is the full video of the confrontation. I just suggested we all watch it. This video was taken down by alot of social media platforms and watch it quick or YouTube may also take it down. Im not taking sides with anyone. Just searching for truth.
  11. If you are talking to me, I dont understand. I am 1 hour and 24 minutes into this video and trying to watch it all. I am not taking sides just trying to figure out what happened. I suggest you take the time to watch it as I think everyone should watch and then comment. I am stunned that you or anyone would not watch the whole video so you/ anyone else could make a proper judgement of what happened other than taking a 30 second clip. Maybe its too much trouble to watch it all. We are a nation of 30 second sound clips to get our truth. Carry on.
  12. Clearly I am not up to speed on this and have not read this whole thread but heard about this last night. Here is a long video of supposedly the whole situation. Maybe we can take something from this as its video.
  13. Thats the way most of it is supposed to be taken. Its really helped me. Im a believer and I am aware it has different reviews. Maybe I am just taking sugar pills with it, but whatever works .
  14. Owens to Tennessee Tech. Morgan Defoor to Morehead. Malea Williams probably has 15 D1 offers. Juliette Smith has not committed yet but has all kind of interest. Sophomore Kenady Tompkins is at least a low to mid d1 kid. So yes they have some really good players.
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