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  1. Well, been waiting for this... From what I am hearing, and that being from people who are “ in the know”... Mayfield will be a tough out again this year. One assistant, who usually refrains from making any predictions, has told me that he believes we will win no.13 this year. The Cardinals are LOADED in the skill positions with a host of receivers who all measure 6”1-6”2, and can catch the ball 40 yards down the field from a two step drop. Stinson will spend most of the time at QB this year instead of sharing it with Guthrie...who is an absolute weapon when he is on the field. The only question is replacing a senior dominated offensive line...but the cupboard is not bare...and this isnt the first time we have had to replace an o line. I have not heard as much about the defense so far...but you can just go ahead and count on a bunch of guys who hit hard and fly to the ball...that sounds like a bunch of “coachspeak”... but its true.
  2. thanks for the url, DF...i must have looked at last week’s USA Today poll...polls are conversation pieces
  3. cant get the url to load from my phone... Cats back in AP poll, and sitting at #15 in RPI...not in USA Today’s latest Gonzaga @ 6 in USA Today poll...#33 in RPI...
  4. losing your tournament champ can actually do you alot of “good”...see 1996 SEC championship game...just referring to the effect...I still like our chances
  5. I would send you a set of steak knives, but I'm afraid that they would crucify me for putting something like that in the mail.
  6. These young men were put into a very difficult place...They have been better than I thought they would be...Mark it down, the Cardinals will be back.
  7. Oh yeah...That was a great year to be a cat fan...Won the championship about 2 hrs from where I live. Anyone remember where that national championship was played?
  8. Even though McCracken did beat PT last night, I don't see how you move them into the top spot. Mayfield notched a convincing win over Graves Co...Who had just beaten PT. It's going to be fun regional tournament to watch for sure. Oh, and thanks for your coverage of region one basketball this season...You have done a great job.
  9. Wow...To tell you the truth, I'm not really sure. It has not happened very often. We will have to face them again...Maybe twice...To get to the sweet 16.
  10. The 1993 regional semifinal against wake Forest....Utter domination...love to go back and watch it from time to time. That was the game where Mashburn and Travis Ford couldn't miss. It prompted Al Mcguire, who was doing color for that game...as the cats were running off the floor at the end of the first half...To speak that marvelous line..."You can't see the Forest for the threes!"
  11. “It was a crazy feeling,” Quade said of hitting the game-winner in Rupp. “It was loud in there. Like, loud. That’s probably the loudest I’ve ever heard.” So, it is possible that it can get loud.
  12. Also...Mayfield needs to work on rebounding...Out rebounded in 2 out of 3 games...Again just an observation...love our team!
  13. Congratulations WV...The Guthrie bros go a combined 2-16 from the field...Yikes! We are not a one man team, BUT they ( Guthrie's)will have to contribute a great deal more than that if we want to beat any team the calibur of Walton Verona. This is not a complaint just an observation. The Cardinals should be back next year to give it another go.
  14. Go big red! This is not the first time that Mayfield has had a double digit lead, and then let the other team back in it...I’m not sure what the cause is, but it would be a lot easier on our nervous system if they wouldn’t do that. Great job by the Briar jumpers.
  15. It sounds like Mayfield needs tohave a good shooting night from the outside...which they are very capable of doing. This would help alleviate any mismatches inside.
  16. Connor did not shoot well, but we are definitely not a man show this year.
  17. Great job Connor! Both he and his brother have joined the 1000 pt club as juniors...well done fellas!
  18. Mayfield Since 1967 (50 seasons): Jack Morris 1967-1992 Paul Leahy 1993-1998 Joe Morris 1999-present
  19. Cardinals started slow...still trying to make the adjustment to bball season...really found their groove in the second quarter and put this one away early.
  20. Rams are too one dimensional on offense so far...Needs to change if they want to win
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