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  1. As I said before, PT will get better every week. They are going to be a tough out.
  2. Nice win. Nobody was surprised in this one. Mayfield has to clean up the penalties. I know a couple of them were terrible calls but still to many.
  3. Danville will be right there in the thick of things when it matters.
  4. For my Cards. Thought Stinson had his best game of the year. He was money. What can you say about Matthews? Kid is all heart and no quit in him. Defensively, thought we played great after that 1 st qtr. The long run by 6, super fast kid. It happens. Not sure what happened on the other long run with Askew. Couldn't believe he escaped that. The long pass play we had good coverage. Perfectly thrown ball by PT Qb. I like this team and see another deep playoff run.
  5. This PT team will make some noise. The thing I liked the most about them was they were very disciplined something they have not been in the past several years. Very few penalties. No stupid personal fouls or unsportsmanlike penalties. Looks like Duncan and Smith have got this team turned and headed in the right direction for a change. Good luck the rest of the way.
  6. There is a reason they lost those games. Team Chemistry. Apparently there is none along with some other very disturbing issues.
  7. Danville will be in the mix come playoff time.
  8. 55RedDog aint that the truth. I'v heard some great ones from him. And Coach Morris just plain could not speak when he got mad. That was the funniest thing to us when he was mad he would just jumble words up. Thought he was having a stroke sometimes.
  9. Chris Champion Asst Coach @ Mayfield named Head Coach. Great guy and up and coming coach.
  10. They held the top 2 Region 1 teams to 37 and 38 pts in the Reg 1 tourn.
  11. The Lakers are set to announce their New Head Coach tonight at 7pm.
  12. The Cards sweep the Eagles in the regular season.
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