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  1. :thumb: You and I are on the same page with this.
  2. You are speaking of Editors and management. Many reporters look for the truth and to publish it. You’re basing your accusation on the Leads the upper echelon pick. While good stories that cover many aspects of many things are on page 2 or minute 20. Your dislike of media clouds your view of ALL of them. Not unlike many who view ALL officers as racist and power hungry.
  3. So everyone in the media feels that way? Isn’t that like saying all the police do is kill minorities? Neither statement is true and is a stereotype.
  4. Are you certain it was antifa?
  5. In my twitter feed alone I can share what I've seen. Flint, Michigan was peaceful. Lexington, Kentucky was likewise. Minneapolis last night. Pittsburgh, PA Here in my small town of Martinsville, VA it was a peaceful rally/march through uptown. I've seen similar responses in other small towns across the US. :thumb:
  6. A precinct was burned in Minneapolis.
  7. I read on twitter that Juzang used the appeal to be closer to family during the Coved Pandemic. FWIW, Sarr can't use that rationale.
  8. I don't know. Hence the query on my part. Someone else posted that when put on the stretcher he was cuffed. Which brings me back to the now, even more overpowering question - If cuffed, why the need to put your knee on the back of his neck to control him?
  9. I keep asking myself, "Did none of these officers have handcuffs?" If he were cuffed, and surrounded by 4 officers; how was he a threat to escape?
  10. Tommy Ziesmer, Boyle County DE Sophomore in 2020. According to coaches he has the tools to be the best D Lineman ever at Boyle. Pretty high goal. P.S. Just saw the initial post. Not sure if you were only talking incoming Seniors in the title. If so, please disregard my post. :thumb:
  11. My speculations are based off of tweets from cheerleaders and former cheerleaders that my daughter read. Hence the speculation it was a female because they specifically mentioned it was.
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