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  1. Great Hire! Up and coming young Coach. Great things will come from this hire.
  2. I’ve seen it before. The last one was blatant and unnecessary. Cowboys discipline did them in.
  3. Favorite Joe B. Coaching Jobs at UK: 1. 1975. Turned a 13-13 team around from the year before and convinced a team that had been abused by Coach Knight and the Hoosiers earlier in the year that they could play with and beat the 31-0 Hoosiers. 2. 1976. 10-10 with Robey out for the year. Carved out 10 straight wins and beat a great Alabama team and UNCC with Cornbread Maxwell on that streak. 3. 1978. This team is forgotten among the greatest because there was no super star, NBA type player. But they beat those type of teams along the way (MSU with Magic, Arkansas with
  4. Do we have any knowledge who the applicants are? I think this is a better program and opportunity than people realize. Saddled in 6A? Yes. But competitive with anyone not named Trinity, St X or Male. Who knows what the future holds?
  5. Allen got 9 minutes. No shots taken. Hopkins got 2 minutes. Ware 13. He got rebounds and a couple of points. Is Allen the difference maker?
  6. How do they leap frog over a Michigan team that manhandled them?
  7. There was a family from maybe Laurel County that had two play at UNC in the 60’s and another was small college all-American at Georgetown. Maybe Tuttle?
  8. How old does it make me if I remember when you were posting on here while still in the UL Band? 😉
  9. Just never saw the fascination for Allen’s game. He has great form but under pressure he doesn’t seem to hit the 3 like he’s labeled to. Just my take.
  10. Finley won the District when only one team went to the playoffs. They lost in the Regional to Corbin twice. There were only 3 rounds of playoffs then. Lost by 1 to an unbeaten Corbin in ‘79 and was blown out by eventual State Champ Corbin in ‘80. Won Sub-District in ‘83 and was undefeated before losing to Somerset, State Runner-up.
  11. They didn’t. Closest was 1979 when they lost 6-5 to Corbin in the Regional.
  12. I agree with all the above. I love Wheeler's game when he is mentally into it he is a great PG along the lines of Ullis. Collins right now reminds me of Andre Riddick. If it's not a dunk, don't count on a score. Blocks shots unless he's muscled out. Allen is a mystery for me. Maybe he would do better in a 3 guard lineup, I don't know. Almost everybody took a step back last night in improvement and they looked as disinterested as I was watching them. Hard to "get up" for every game but if they don't screw on the mental helmet these next few games are going to be awfull
  13. The only period of consistent success was under Ron Finley in the late 70's to late 80's. He left there to coach Campbellsville. He won 4 District/Sub-District Titles if memory serves.
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