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  1. 1995. Nebraska 62 Undefeated Florida 24. It wasn't that close. Gators led at the very outset and by halftime it was all Huskers. Never saw a Gator defense so manhandled as that one by the UN offensive Line. National Title game and the difference between 1 & 2 was a gap of light years.
  2. I Don't believe Haddix has any desire to return to Corbin. I think that rumor was wishful thinking by a few Hounds fans. Haddix wife was quoted in a way that certainly didn't sound like that was going to happen.
  3. I don't disagree with you on this. But I do offer an illustration from the past. In 1987 Danville scheduled St Xavier. If memory serves it was 21-7 St X in the 3rd quarter when Danville turned it over. The dam burst and at the end of the game is was 41-7. This was the only loss for the Ads as they won AA later that season. Danville had a large line that year and a lot of returning veterans. Still, the depth took its toll on them.
  4. HHS destroyed Louisville Waggener I think in '98 by something like 56-7. Boyle's win over undefeated Rockastle County in 2001 and it was 42-0 at half. Went up to 49-0 before Smith called the Rebs off to win 49-14.
  5. Unless Ware and or Frederick return for Saturday it will be tough for the Cats to have a chance. They won't be able to play iron man basketball vs Alabama.
  6. Blown call was an understatement. Potential 3 points taken away. Next play the driving LSU player is touched by NO ONE and a foul called on Collins. Those 2 plays really helped LSU to reel KY back in.
  7. Actually I think Sam was well above .500. His last Anderson County team was 10-2 losing only to state champ Danville twice. He was also successful at his previous stint if I believe.
  8. That's the only place I think he would go. Just like Chuck Smith. He could consider one of the Big 3 if it were open and I'd understand that in a heartbeat.
  9. The reason they had an "easier" road to the Finals in '20 and '21 was because they were #1 RPI. That's the reward for holding that position.
  10. Do you really think Corbin can come up with an offer he couldn't refuse that Boyle couldn't match???
  11. First Game of the year. Let it sink in that B.E. BEAT Male Twice, and Manual, and Bryan Station who was on an incredible roll. Their accomplishments, not their one failure, is what this team will be remembered for.
  12. Exactly my thoughts. The notion that Haddix would go "backwards" from where he is just doesn't make any sense. No matter how much Corbin thinks of themselves, their tradition has gone to a lower level IMO.
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