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  1. Boyle doesn't back off from scheduling.
  2. It's a quote from the First Godfather movie.
  3. "a deal he can't refuse." Are we bringing in Luka Brazzi to hold a gun to his head and telling him to sign??? I'm not saying we shouldn't, just asking.
  4. I watch Clark and kept help thinking she is a "Larry Bird" esque player. Generational level that seems to get bigger, the bigger the game gets.
  5. He didn’t last a year playing behind Kenny Walker.
  6. I'm glad it's A & M. You have to play these physical, tough teams somewhere along the way in the NCAA. Better now where there is still at least one more game left.
  7. Watched that when it came out. A lot of exclusive footage that until the internet, was hard to ever find or view.
  8. Ron Finley had some very tough teams but never could get past the Corbin/Somerset hurdle.
  9. Actually Boyle had longevity from the 70's on. Buchanan was from '68-'73. Ed Rall was from '74-'87 and had a winning record. Sam Burke was one year interim. John Griggs was from '89-'91. Then Chuck Smith came.
  10. Darius Miller in 2012. James Lee in '77 and '78. Ron Mercer and Wayne Turner the last half of '96. Don't mess with the JuJu.
  11. He had a great team in 74 but only one could go to tourney and David Thompson kept him out. I seem to recall he had a great team in Davidson but didn’t make the tournament
  12. He never did. He had a few teams that were capable, but never did win it.
  13. I wonder if the assistants are afraid to say something to Cal like it appeared that Ulis wanted to. How often as Call spent a few seconds of a TO to consult his assistants? It's like he has a board of Yes Men behind him.
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