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  1. I think Murray and Brossart will advance to the semifinals in the top half and the winner of that game will take home the title.
  2. All good. I just know Graves girls are good and that would have been VERY surprising as a boys score.
  3. And also Tilghman is better than I thought they were. I had been selling them short all season to this point.
  4. I agree. Mayfield already beat St. Mary and Carlisle this year. Beat St. Mary by 28 points. But like you said, the game Friday night will give a little more clarity.
  5. If Harmon played with intensity he would be as good as anyone I've ever seen. He has the most laid back, too cool personality I've seen out of a star player on the court and it's to his detriment. With that said he is the craftiest player I've ever seen at getting a shot in the lane where there is nothing. He is the best passer I have seen in person at the high school level. And he is a well above average shooter all the way out to 30 feet. He doesn't hardly jump when he shoots the ball and that's why I think he shoots from so deep is because being 5'10" it's hard to get an open 3 off the dribble if you don't jump to shoot. That will bite him at the next level. As far as a true point guard he has the potential to be awesome. But like I said it just doesn't ever look like he gives full effort. It's almost like he's saying "look how good I am without even trying." Would just love to see him play high energy and he would be unstoppable but some people just don't have that gear in them.
  6. Murray will be a tough out. They have one of the more underrated coaches in the state in Dior Curtis and have some talent for to play with. They have a really good freshman in Grant Whitaker. Maybe he will put on a show at state and get some recognition.
  7. Nevermind. I guess they have an off week after their final game before the playoffs.
  8. I thought everyone had moved away from playing a district game the final week of the season?
  9. 10- Collins 7- Butler County 5- Woodford County 3- McCracken County 2- Bethlehem 1- Bracken County TB- Collins
  10. Don't get me wrong, I agree that Marshall County shouldn't be ranked. They have not lived up to expectations and with them having high expectations for this season they have been caught playing way out of their league on a couple occasions already this year, with several more severe beatdowns to come. With that being said, they are still the 2nd best team in Region 1. Murray is a very solid team and have been so without 2 starters that were both injured in football season. I have no idea on timetables for either to return or even if they will return at all. Nonetheless, what they have done without 2 starters from last years team that are down with injury is pretty awesome. Paducah beat Graves by 1. Murray beat Graves by 20. Paducah lost to Carlisle. Marshall beat Carlisle by 20. I know the results from those 4 games can be taken with a grain of salt. I agree that ranking 20 teams this early in the year is just a crapshoot. But I was just stating that Tilghman is not a top 20 team. Only time will tell and we will continue to learn alot about all these teams as the season goes on.
  11. Tilghman is definitely not a top 20 team. I know this is based off of results but Murray and Marshall County, both also from Region 1, are both quite a bit better than Tilghman.
  12. Final per Scoreboard. Close game throughout. Mayfield led by 10 with less than 3 minutes left and tried to give it away. These teams will be battling for 2nd place in the First Region All A behind Murray High.
  13. 10- Augusta 7- Highlands 5- Mayfield 3- North Bullitt 2- Cooper 1- Campbell County TB- Mayfield
  14. Final per scoreboard. This one got out of hand early. Mayfield couldn't buy a bucket and didn't show much fire defensively early on. Score was 21-3 in the first quarter. McCracken was playing without their star junior point guard Noah Dumas due to illness. Mayfield has a long way to go with just one kid playing that touched the court last year. And McCracken is already in midseason form and rolling. Sivills and company are going to be tough to beat all year long.
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