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  1. That was a great game between those two teams and running backs in the playoffs last yr.
  2. Exactly my thoughts. That's tough game for Lloyd before the playoffs.
  3. Wow. Etown before the playoffs? That's a good measuring stick going in.
  4. I know, but calpreps has been wrong several times.
  5. But I seen JC against Boyle and was impressed that game by JC.
  6. IMO Johnson Central wasn’t better than Alter last yr. That team was loaded with D1 talent up there. Ohio is another animal when it comes to football.
  7. John Atkins from Newport has had to be announcing since at least 1990. He is very good.
  8. Newport is athletic. Highlands will be favored. But I expect the same passion from Newport that they displayed last night. If so, this could turn into a barn burner. Snapp knows how to coach with the lead. So expect a lot of holding the ball on possessions if Newport has a lead.
  9. Check out his AAU highlights for the Indiana Elite team.
  10. No matter his age he is a freshman for sure. And he is a very special talent. I would be willing to bet most super stud players were held back at one point. Maybe not all, but definitely tons of hold backs.
  11. Not sure to be exact. 6' maybe 6'1. Don't quote me though.
  12. Freshman. Him and Reed Sheppard are the best I have seen.
  13. Meyer is one of the best guards I've seen at that age. This kid will be a high D1 recruit.
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