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  1. A beautiful morning enjoying a cup of coffee sitting on my back deck listening to the birds. A simple pleasure that I had forgotten how refreshing it can be.
  2. Playing softball & basketball. I loved playing but haven’t played either in years.
  3. Thanks a bunch for the Birthday wishes! A good day with plenty of sunshine spent at the golf course.
  4. Homemade vegetable beef soup with a farmer cheese sandwich topped with micro greens & mustard on toasted wheat bread.
  5. Methodists take population control seriously in their missionary work. http://http://www.umc.org/what-we-believe/worlds-population-and-the-churchs-response This is a couple of takeaways from Social Principles UMC: As people of faith, we are called to educate ourselves about the interconnectedness of life’s critical concerns and live as responsible stewards. The church can address these complex population-related issues on several fronts. We call on: 1. all United Methodists to access educational opportunities that focus on the issue of population and its inter-relatedness to other critical issues such as poverty, disease, hunger, environment, injustice, and violence, and to promote these opportunities in the local church; 2. United Methodist medical and mission facilities around the world to provide a full range of reproductive health and family planning information and services;
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