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  1. I hit up the KC in Maysville this past Friday, got 4 fish sandwiches for $12 very good.
  2. Ocean 100% for me I love salt water always have since my first trip as a child. We try to travel at least a couple weeks a year to the Caribbean, and I spend everyday on the beach. I'm hoping Covid will ease up, although it doesn't look likely that we'll get to travel abroad this year.
  3. We did book a trip for December for Dominican Republic, but paid for travel insurance which we never do. The thing with the insurance we purchased is we'd have to use the money already paid for a future trip, which is fine by us since we use the same company 90% of the time to book our travel.
  4. My wife updated our info last night, and like mentioned we always end up paying in on our federal taxes.
  5. I owned several when I had my Bengal season tickets, but probably won't buy any going forward.
  6. Dad always does ribs and sauerkraut. I usually go over for a day of football and ice cold beverages.
  7. The flu started on Christmas eve so I got an early gift.
  8. 7 Kansas City 5 New Orleans 3 Dallas 2 Pittsburgh 1 Green Bay TB- New Orleans
  9. @cowboy90 congrats and good luck in the bluegrass bowl.
  10. 7 Tennessee 5 LA Rams 3 Minnesota 2 Cleveland 1 Pittsburgh TB Tennessee
  11. Need some guys to step up this week, and management to make correct lineup decisions.
  12. Bad managerial decisions have left the mudhens vulnerable.
  13. 7 Seattle 5 Tennessee 3 Pittsburgh 2 New England 1 New Orleans TB Tennessee
  14. 5 Kentucky 3 Western Kentucky 3 Ohio State 1 Alabama 1 Wisconsin 1 Iowa State 1 UCLA 1 North Carolina 1 Indiana 1 Wake Forest TB 52
  15. 7 Seattle 5 Baltimore 3 Cleveland 2 Jacksonville 1 New England TB Baltimore
  16. 5 Ohio State 3 Michigan 3 UC 1 Tennessee 1 Texas Tech 1 Baylor 1 Navy 1 Virginia Tech 1 Stanford 1 Southern Miss. TB 65
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