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  1. On paper, Mason..... but Jason Hinson coaching against Mason Co on that floor in a district tourney. Hard to say.
  2. Haha! @mcpapa @Randy Parker. I almost found myself responding logically. Almost fell in the trap. Lol
  3. Just curious, aside from one anonymous poster on a message board, how did you conclude that “Bracken” thinks they are owed anything? Just a tip, I wouldn’t put too much time or effort into proving that one anonymous poster wrong. Lol Admittedly though, this thread shows how good that poster is at their “craft”.
  4. What a response from an adult about an eight grader, when said eighth grader puts the Royals on their heels. Thanks for bringing facts to the table.
  5. With the above being said, any thoughts as to why Augusta, as a program where he was involved at the middle school level and 2 of his kids attend, didn’t hire him?
  6. Yes. But an argument could me made for all of the candidates. But those given the task chose Mr. Allen.
  7. I’m sure the other candidates are disappointed that they didn’t receive the award under any circumstances. And behind closed doors they are probably letting that be known. But it’s amusing(sad, but amusing)that adults are reacting publicly as they are, but a couple of the candidates, Moreno and Johnson, are mature enough to congratulate their fellow candidate.
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