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  1. There’s room on the bandwagon any time! The PowerPolo will win you over like he wins games!
  2. I have no doubt that the Wizard of the Weave is fully focused right now on the big game tomorrow night in Augusta. But soon he’ll be the Titan of The Tenth region when he knocks off Montgomery Co. Unless of course it’s 8 v 5. No coach can overcome those chances.
  3. Give us a neutral court and neutral refs, with a good amount of prep time and you'd be singing a different song. You obviously haven't seen the Power of the POLO. Coach Reed is Basketball Brilliant and has his team ready to play belly to belly man defense every night. He is the best coach in this region, and when the deck isn't stacked up against him there is no one who can compete with him! We don't call him the Professor of the Press because his pants are ironed. It's because no one can call a game like him. He's not the Motion Maestro because of his musical prowess, (although I bet he
  4. Hard to beat 8-5. Can’t ever get calls to go our way. It’s a shame these refs take it out of the kids hands. To top it off, after a week of quarantine, MoCo wouldn’t trade film with us. They know how dangerous Coach Reed is and didn’t want to give him time to prepare. that’s ok. We’re used to the whole world being against us!! #TheBCWay
  5. I’ll say this, when watching I’m live and in person I can always tell exactly what Coach Reed is up to. Today, it’s clear he had a plan and he stuck to it. I don’t like losing to fellow 10th region foes, but, when you only play scrimmages until district tourney time— might as well make sure we’re running like a finely oiled machine! I picture us as a race car. Coach Reed tweaks and changes and has the engine purring, and come time for the race were gonna be a Bugatti, racing some Priuses. Watch out 39th district, here we come!
  6. I got to make the trip down the AA to see the Polar Bears against the Rams. Those big Rams thought they were rolling coal, but the Polar Bears stopped those 1500’s in their tracks. If there’s one thing we know in Bracken County it’s big ole trucks. So we had those Rams right where we wanted them. Coach Reed drew up the perfect play, Blake Reed taking the ball coast to coast for the game winning layup! Hes so smart, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had drawn that up before the game. The court clairvoyant is at it again. This team is running on All Cylinders and it’s only January. I hope
  7. Black devils and Patrick Kelsch surprised me. Usually his teams peak much younger. But this team has shown that they can overcome that adversity. Anytime a 10th region small school gets a banner, I’m happy. Even if it is Coach Kelsch who turned his back on the county that gave him so much...
  8. I wish I knew. I wish I knew. We’ve been the enemy since Hammonds was manning the sidelines. Jealousy I presume.
  9. I'll tell you one thing, Coach Elsbernd with a week off to get ready for what's next?? I would HATE to be whoever plays him next week. He'll have those Wildcats running, gunning and dunking by then. He is not a coach to be trifled with. The Wildcats will be better for it. I wish he was still in the blue and white. He's on my Mt. Rushmore of Polar Bear coaches for sure.
  10. Even Coach Reed disagrees with you. He said it on his facebook before it got CENSORED that the refs seem like they're ALWAYS against him. And they are. The foul disparity is there. 43-13 is not even defensible! And the TAUNTING from BB. Two teams shouldn't be this far apart. Refs have had It out for the Polar Bears forever, especially now that Coach Reed is on our sideline!
  11. I am heartbroken. These kids have been dreaming of an All A title since they were babies. Polar Bear Blue runs deep in their blood and they had their sights set. But alas, adults want to punish children because they wish they were us! Small towns never get the respect they deserve. I’ll tell you. This was a sham. Hard for a coach to win when the game is 8 v 5, people are getting asked to leave the game, and nothing goes your way. I watched online, but was getting full reports on the shenanigans from inside sources. When we go to an away game I’m used to us getting hosed. Coach Reed doesn’
  12. Hope on board the bandwagon! The Power Polo and Coach Reed are taking us to the promised land! He’s a genie with the grease board, I can’t wait to see what he draws up tonight!
  13. Well, we’ve almost reached the pinnacle. When these boys are tots, they’re running in their driveway shooting their shots to win an All A. At a small school like ours, it’s a bigger deal than ever. And this year? That title belongs to us. It’s the Power Polo (tm pending) against the Turtleneck Jr.and I can only imagine what the Basketball Brilliant has up his short sleeves tonight. Coach Reed has had time to prep for the Mustangs, and he’s got the Polar Bears Ready. Have you ever imagined what would happen if a mustang went up against a Polar Bear? I mean, you’ve seen the damage that
  14. I just hope that when we cut down the nets for the All A Region title coach lets me have a piece! I can’t climb the ladder, on account of my condition, but maybe they’ll give me one to add to my collection!
  15. What a night! wooooooo hooooo. The Polar Bears dominated this one, on both ends, in all phases. Offense defense and special teams! “Well Honcho done lost his mind...” you say, “there’s no special teams in basketball...” but I say you’re wrong! That’s how good of a coach Adam Reed is. We have offense defense and special teams. It’s part of how we’re just light years ahead of everyone else. We out work out practice out earn every single other team! The Chalkboard Tchaikovsky had more plays and scheme prepped than his opponent and it wasn’t even close. Adam Reed cannot be stopped!
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