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  1. GRC at 10 is a huge stretch! They arent the best team in the 10th!
  2. Great game to watch. Atmosphere was so live. Great gym with tons of amenities. Congrats to GRC. What a great rivalry.
  3. MOCO Lovette 28pts 20 rbs Harrison 18pts 8 rbs 6 assists Dyer 16pts Benton 12pts 9 rbs
  4. Yes they did at home. But that’s the only good win they had. The Becker boys can play though.
  5. It was a great game. It really was. I'm simply stating that normally squads with 25 wins each would look a little better. Maybe i just saw both teams have a bad game? It happens. I'm sorry if i offended anyone.
  6. MOCO is correct. Not dissing on any team. I’m simply stating they must had not played anyone this year. One would think a team with 24-25 wins would be a pretty solid squad. From what I saw that wasn’t the case.
  7. There was one particular official who was really bad. The other 2 were ok. Moco has their top two scorers who played 5 min in first half.
  8. I would say he’s in the top 3 sophomore point guards in the state. 3rd team all region. LOL.
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