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  1. GRC at 10 is a huge stretch! They arent the best team in the 10th!
  2. Great game to watch. Atmosphere was so live. Great gym with tons of amenities. Congrats to GRC. What a great rivalry.
  3. MOCO Lovette 28pts 20 rbs Harrison 18pts 8 rbs 6 assists Dyer 16pts Benton 12pts 9 rbs
  4. Yes they did at home. But that’s the only good win they had. The Becker boys can play though.
  5. It was a great game. It really was. I'm simply stating that normally squads with 25 wins each would look a little better. Maybe i just saw both teams have a bad game? It happens. I'm sorry if i offended anyone.
  6. MOCO is correct. Not dissing on any team. I’m simply stating they must had not played anyone this year. One would think a team with 24-25 wins would be a pretty solid squad. From what I saw that wasn’t the case.
  7. There was one particular official who was really bad. The other 2 were ok. Moco has their top two scorers who played 5 min in first half.
  8. I would say he’s in the top 3 sophomore point guards in the state. 3rd team all region. LOL.
  9. I’m pretty sure someone in another 10th region thread said that these two boys deserved to be higher on the all region teams
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