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  1. Bourbon County played good defense, got stops and made some big buckets down the stretch. Don’t forget Bourbon did beat Mason (The #1 team in the Region per RPI) early in the regular season. Enough talent that if you don’t put away early can cause fits late.
  2. Per Travis Scaggs Tweet Here’s Week 9 and the Final Rankings of the 10th Region Boys Basketball Media Rankings. Clark Co is number one again receiving 12 first place votes. Mason Co received 7 first place votes. 19 voting members. All region media teams will be released later this week.
  3. Was Rowan missing any starters? Will say I’m surprised by this score. Great effort by Robertson if not.
  4. I agree! I’m not that surprised with the top 5. As for Bracken, I’m not surprised there either, thought all along they had a challenging schedule. I will say Robertson Co really is shocking. Last season they had a SoS at the bottom of the 10th. Ended with a great record but got them nowhere in the Region tournament. This season with nearly everyone back including last season’s POY it really would have been nice to see their SoS a little more challenging. A lot of teams have had to reschedule due to COVID and yet they found ways to find competitive replacements. Time will tell how this plays out come district and region tournaments.
  5. Which SoS is most surprising...Tougher or weaker than expected?
  6. Here’s an Updated Strength of Schedule (SOS) for all the teams in the 10th Region. Compiled on February 28, '21 The formula used: Weighted two-third (66 2/3%) for the opponent's record and one-third (33 1/3%) for the opponents' opponents record.
  7. Both Hamilton and his teammate Beiting are having really good seasons for Campbell and should be in the conversation. One could make the case their SoS is much better than Augusta and Pendleton and therefore should be in the 2nd Five.
  8. Not really...you can get an idea by the teams they play and their stat lines against those teams (strength of schedule). Stats can be a little miss leading. Some teams pad stats while others pull their starters when up/down big. Regardless, you can get a feel for which players consistently bring it game in and game out.
  9. No particular order: 1st Five: - Rickey Lovett (Montgomery) - Hagan Harrison (Montgomery) - Jerone Morton (GRC) - Justin Becker (Robertson) - Jerred Welman (GRC) 2nd Five: - Blake Reed (Bracken) - Terrell Henry (Mason) - Kason Hinson (Augusta) - Tredyn Thomas (Pendleton) - Grant Proffitt (Scott)
  10. I agree! Bracken for as young as they are has a really tough schedule for them. Coach Reed is preparing his team for the long term future. However, this may pay off for them come district tournament. Just need that one win to get them in the region tournament which I’m sure that’s their goal.
  11. Will be interesting to see what their SoS is at the end of the season compared to the other 10th region teams.
  12. Surprised to see Robertson at 13th! A team with nearly everyone back along with the reigning POY that only lost 6 games last season I would have thought they would have scheduled tougher to prepare for the post season given they were knocked out the 1st round of the region tournament last season.
  13. Thought it would be interesting to look at the Strength of Schedule (SOS) thus far for all the teams in the 10th Region. Compiled on February 5, '21 The formula used: Weighted two-third (66 2/3%) for the opponent's record and one-third (33 1/3%) for the opponents' opponents record. I suspect we’ll see a lot of shifting in this as the season progresses.
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