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  1. New coach Bradley Craycraft continues "to be the best you have to play the best" as he heads out again with his young team to Campbell County. The one thing about this young team, they play hard and don't quit.
  2. Montgomery County travels to Scott High tonight for their second game of the season. Hopefully Moco can regroup and get the same result they did at the BSG this past weekend, a win.
  3. Friday night is at Campbell. Tomorrow is at Scott High.
  4. This will be the season opener for Montgomery County under new head coach Bradley Craycraft. He has a very talented, but young team. We will see how it starts tonight.
  5. The games start tomorrow. http://bgsg.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/2018-Bluegrass-State-Volleyball-Tournament-Schedule.pdf
  6. They will probably be pretty good. My understanding the Collins boy from Montgomery County has transferred to Anderson County so I know they will have a good running back.
  7. KHSAA is only showing an eight game schedule for Anderson County.
  8. Sorry it ended this way but congrats to the Indians.
  9. Postponed again. Game started and then delayed and then postponed until tomorrow. If I heard correctly, it is the second inning and Campbell is up 3-0.
  10. I loved it when Coach McKee was at Montgomery County with Coach Rains.
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