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  1. I am not a happy Honcho today. i was supposed to go to work tonight, but I called Poor Bob the owner at my workplace and told him I am home SICK. Sick of this covid fear and control ruining my life. I hope somehow some way I can get some Polar Bear football this weekend. i can only imagine how the Chainsaw feels. He was oiled up and ready for another Carving no doubt.
  2. WOOOOOOO Boy. The Polar Bears welcome the Jackson County Generals to Howard C Hall athletic complex this Friday, but it might as well be named "Little Big Horn" because Coach Hallock and the Generals are going to get the same treatment Custer's men did that day. I imagine, once the Generals see Bracken's dismantling of Trimble on film, the players will be singing: Please Mr. Custer, I don't want to go Hey, Mr. Custer, please don't make me go I had a dream last night about the comin' fight And against the Polar Bears it'll be a long night! The Chainsaw Coach Carver will have our Polar Bears sharped and READY for another epic battle. And we'll come out victorious again. It's a shame they don't allow more fans into the stadium, but lucky for me, I've got my ways. I'll be in the stadium, cheering for my Polar Bears! Polar Bears 32 Generals 0
  3. Wellll wooooohooooo You all have Probably been wondering, where’s the Head Honcho? boys, I’ve sure been through it. First I stayed away from this site for awhile because I was worried there were too many people on here, and I didn’t want my computer to catch the coronavirus in a large crowd. Then, my good friend explained to me what this virus REALLY was and I figured I could jump on here. But then I got it, I didn’t want to wear a mask. People said it was silly. But I’m recovered. And the best part of recovery? Is watching The Coach Carver (patent pending) Carve up the Trimble County team we faced. It was like watching one of those boys in Gatlinburg where they make the Log bears out of chainsaws. It was magic. From the word go we had this one in the bag. I knew all the Polar Bears needed was some time in Coach Carvers system. Watch out District, watch out 1A. The Carver is coming to Carve you!!
  4. The head honcho was there last night, and was disappointed in the menu and prices. The fieldhouse is overall better. The experience, the food, the sammiches. I'm not sure I'm going to make the drive anymore. But I'll be there tonight-- no pork tenderloin tonight and I'll have to find another way to spend my dollars. The Honcho makes good money, and he loves throwing it around at High School events. But I aint paying $5 for a cheeseburger.
  5. Come on down to the outdoor igloo in Brooksville for a game! This year is gonna be a good one, and the Honcho will buy you some pork tenderloins, and take you to the Pub after! You’ve never met people like you’ll meet here in Bracken County!!
  6. The good news: the head honcho is rooting for Corona Virus to take over the world. That’s how you know we’ll beat it. I just can’t wait to spend all week next week in Winchester for the 10th region tourney! What’s their best food in their fancy new field house??
  7. The image of Coach Hinson falling to the floor in despair is seared in my memory forever. In my stupor this morning I failed to recall that game. Sorry for making that mistake. Question my allegiance if you want, but, you’ll find that no one knows the Polar Bears and loves the Polar Bears like me.
  8. Boys. I can’t go to the igloo tomorrow night. So you’ll find the Honcho at the palatial digs of the Blue Jackets, cheering on one of my all time favorite Benedict Arnold Coaches, Sam Elsbernd. He brings such a Northern Kentucky Swagger. His Wildcats are peaking at just the right time, and I have a feeling he’s gonna have coach Kelsch number! Side note: what’s the best thing to eat at NC? They got good pork tenderloin?? It might help my gout if they don’t...
  9. You know. I woke up today. My landlord was yelling at me, and I uh, had quite a headache so I had to yell back. I said “mom, you were there, you saw us lose the game! We had it won!” But then I realized there is much to celebrate in Antarcticsville (Brooksville) we almost beat Mason! It’s been a long time since I could say that. And coach Reed is getting us there! Now I just get to sit back and enjoy my time in Winchester and the sweet 16. Next year, we’ll be taking buses to Rupp!
  10. There are no words for the anguish I feel. With the jersey of Warren Cooper looking down the game was snatched from us by zebras who thought I paid an half hours wage to watch them. They clearly let Mason get away with murder. Heckuva game, disastrously bad officiating. Coach Reed pulled out all the stops and tricks. After the game I got to give him a high 5. That was a special moment. I know he’s already working on next years chess board. We’ll be back. The BC way will be back.
  11. 54-50 and Jhace Cummins fouls outs 24 seconds. I’m not going to make it!!
  12. Royals up 54-47with 45 second left I’m ashamed of these officials. Heartbroken for our boys.
  13. I can only imagine that halftime speech. The hair on my neck is raising up just thinking about it!
  14. Royals and their striped teammates have them up 27-24 at half. Coach reed pulled a zone out of his polo and Kirk was not ready! I need more pork tenderloins if I’m gonna make it through this second half! I can’t wait.
  15. Them Bears up 18-16!! 5:00 to go in 2nd. To no ones surprise the Royals have twice as many foul shots. Refs don’t want coach Reed to win!
  16. Woooooooo boy! You won’t believe how electric it is here in the field house tonight! The bands are rocking, the energy is through the roof! It’s a night like this that we added on that new concession stand and hall of fame for! The ultimate dream of playing in the field house is on the line, and I have no doubt that Coach Reed’s short sleeves are filled to the elbow with tricks for Coach Kirk tonight. Coach has been focused all day, I’ve been texting him and he hasn’t responded once. He’s probably too locked in to reply! I know this. I’m down front and center if anyone wants to share my pork tenderloin sammies I got 4 more to share... It’s gonna be a good night! Bears by 90.
  17. Head Honcho likes to say: if you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying!
  18. Absolutely. All the focus tonight was on Jhace and Blake. No need to win this one, just get tuned up for Mason!! Coach Reed starts with his polo untucked because he’s so intense it wouldn’t stay tucked! He’s got all kinds of tricks stored in those short sleeves for districts and I can’t wait!
  19. Can’t win on this board. I’ve been telling you all year, all year, that we play 36 scrimmages. Last night was another one. We were focused on getting Jhace his points to get to 1000. We were focused on some other things in order to get ready for mason. We didn’t spend any time this week worrying about that team of scrubs. Enjoy this loss BGP Polar Bear haters... it might be the last one until we’re in Rupp!!!
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