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Bracken County 28 Trimble County 0

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Wellll wooooohooooo


You all have Probably been wondering, where’s the Head Honcho?


boys, I’ve sure been through it. First I stayed away from this site for awhile because I was worried there were too many people on here, and I didn’t want my computer to catch the coronavirus in a large crowd. Then, my good friend explained to me what this virus REALLY was and I figured I could jump on here.


But then I got it, I didn’t want to wear a mask. People said it was silly.


But I’m recovered. And the best part of recovery? Is watching The Coach Carver (patent pending) Carve up the Trimble County team we faced. It was like watching one of those boys in Gatlinburg where they make the Log bears out of chainsaws. It was magic. From the word go we had this one in the bag.


I knew all the Polar Bears needed was some time in Coach Carvers system. Watch out District, watch out 1A. The Carver is coming to Carve you!!

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