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  1. Final from Lawrenceburg. Tied at 20 at the half, Collins starts the 3rd quarter on a 17-0 run.
  2. Friday night, at Anderson, packed house...I'd say Collins better not be looking to Saturday night already.
  3. My fiance has a family member who does and he was telling me about it the other day. He seems to like it , does a few hours late at night when he gets off work. I was very surprised at how many people order food so late on weekdays.
  4. Anderson also beat Lewis County in the Dan Schwartz Classic to get to the championship game against Johnson Central. For some reason it isn't showing on the KHSAA scoreboard.
  5. I've seen meat cooked this way on TV and online, and I just think there is no way it could taste anywhere as good as meat from a smoker or grill.
  6. There is a difference between "taking it easy" and dialing it back a bit against a much lessor team. You don't have to continue to press when up big, but you also don't have to pull back on a wide open layup should you get a steal either.
  7. I have seen at least twice in this thread posters say high school players want a shot clock. I have coached High School level basketball for 14 years and I have never ever once heard any of my players in that timeframe say anything about a shot clock, nor other players from other teams. Also if you went to a shot clock in high school, it just widens the gap between the Haves and the Have Nots. At least with the option of a grind-it-out, slow down game a team with lesser talent may be able to stick around and possibly beat a better team. Adding a shot-clock pretty much takes that away.
  8. Depends on who's playing to be honest. If Scott Co. is playing CovCath, then I have no problem with it as CovCath isn't "defenceless" and has enough talent to possibly get back in the game. Of course even then there may come a time when the game is in hand, then back off. Now, if Scott Co. is playing Sayre, and Sayre is obviously tremendously overmatched and can't compete, then back it off and pick up half court as continuing to press isn't doing anyone any favors. This happened to me several years ago when I had essentially a freshman team playing varsity and we played an early season game and was completely overmatched. Team was up 50 something late in the game (no running clock then) still pressing with starters in. They got to 100 with about 1:30 left in the game, then pulled starters and quit pressing. Beat us something like 103-42. As we were shaking hands after the game, the head coach had the gall tell me he wasn't trying to run up the score. I just looked at him with cold daggers in my eyes and walked off without saying a word. If I had said something it probably wouldn't have been very nice.
  9. Cool article, but I'm going to go a different way here and say that state title meant just as much to Mayfield and those players than it did to the P'burg kids, which is why Mayfield is Mayfield.
  10. Harrison lead most of the game until Anderson finally took the lead about half way thru the 4th qtr. Alex Carpenter with some big 3's down the stretch and Tyler Rice with 2 big free throws with a few seconds left to put the lead at 3.
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