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BGP Fantasy Football League ~ 2019 – Off Season Discussion


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I'm a lot later than normal getting this out this year. In addition to having my hands full with life, I have started playing Dungeons & Dragons and I’m spending way too much time playing lol.


I'll post here as I start getting things together for 2019.

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2019 Draft Order


National Conference

1. Shelby Valley Night Hawks

2. Possum Trot WarHogs

3. Richmond Outsiders *

4. Kalamazoo Wings

5. Boyle County Killa Bees

6. Huggs Thuggs **

7. Jacksonville Swaguars

8. Delaware Destroyers

9. Latonia Thoroughbreds

10. West Kentucky Rams

11. Union Raiders

12. Auxier RiverRats *

13. Florence Fighters *

14. Sunfish SubVet

15. Brush Creek Rusty Ankles

16. Dubtown Snot Rockets *

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2019 Draft Order


American Conference

1 Shelby Cardinals

2 Maysville Split Ends

3 New for 2019 - T23

4 New for 2019 - T28

5 Grant Green Thumbers

6 Covington Snowflakes

7 Big Creek Moonshiners

8 Atwood Fighting' Amish *

9 Sawville GymShoes *

10 Beantown Deflators *

11 Jungle Junkies

12 Los Pollos Hermanos *

13 Jabez Sasquatch

14 West Paducah Rabbit Fists *

15 Bushwood Country Club Gophers

16 Maysville Mud Hens

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2019 Tentative Timeline


June 28th – Get the ball rolling: who’s in, who’s out (finding out who’s returning)

July 7th – Deadline for returning to league, either by PM or posting here, and also logging into the MFL site

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What kind of champion would I be if I didn’t defend my crown? But seriously, how do I pick which guys to keep? How did I end up with so many studs?


Drop them all and redraft your entire team, just to prove to us that it wasn't a fluke!

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