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  1. Just talking about the game. YOU wanted to call me out. Well, you got it. My view hasn't changed. Enjoy your evening. I've made almost 17,000 posts on here. I'm glad you read them all.
  2. Yes. The top 3 teams in the top 25 are in the ACC. The SEC is much improved but one good recruiting class still puts you in the top 4 in the league. And Texas A&M has money to burn.
  3. No. When you have that big of a lead and you spend more time flexing than playing basketball, you have folded. Tennessee didn't quit, they played until the end. UK quit when they went up 7 late. I do not care if you like my tone or not.
  4. And you know so much more than the guys that make their living at this. Florida isn't even in the last 4 in.
  5. Bad call. Not nearly the worst I've ever seen. Hyperbole runs rampant yet again on BGP.
  6. Good. Let the bitterness flow through you. UK folded down the stretch. The Vols are every bit as big a factor in the NCAA tournament as the Wildcats are.
  7. But according to you, UK is still a #1 seed because conference tournaments don't matter, right?
  8. She's absolutely fearless. The way she looked at Ramsey Bolton before the battle was classic. She looked at him like he was a bug. And when the Stark's came to her for help she sent all she had. She only had 62 men, but she sent them all.... and she personally led them.
  9. The rule reads that there is a 3 batter minimum barring injury OR the end of the inning. So it would allow a pitcher to face one batter then he replaced at the beginning of the next inning.
  10. Even if Tennessee beats them in the semis? I'd love to hear your reasoning for that. UT would have a 2-1 advantage head to head and a better overall record.
  11. Beck, "Loser" of course. Gotta push the reverse psychology stuff to the limit. It always makes me nervous if he doesn't summon his mono before a UK game.
  12. No. But he made $12.5 million when the team's total payroll was $54 million. Griffey was making 23% of the Reds payroll that year. Harper is making 8% of the Phillies this year....
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