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  1. Was here the other day, now gone. Just checking to see what happened or if it got moved. Thanks!
  2. I gotcha. The Wii bowling causes issue. But all the old nes games can be played via Nintendo Online. That’s what I do. It’s great playing Excite Bike, Mario 3, metroid, Tecmo Bowl, etc. I’ve heard some people still getting the Wii U though. I’d imagine not too hard to find.
  3. The Wii U was discontinued years back. are you talking about a Nintendo Switch?
  4. Stupid for benching Sutton. Let’s hope Viking D wrecks Wilson tonight.
  5. I mean honestly, me having Mahomes, Saquon, Chubb should be solid in itself but man Saquan has been rough this year. Hoping he turns it around this week. Lol
  6. I’m definitely not marking the W. I’m hoping Lamar just has an aver 25 point night. Lol
  7. Feeling pretty confident about my first division championship. Lol
  8. Thought for sure you were gonna pull it out. Figured Mahomes would have dumped off to Kelce for sure. Good game dude!
  9. That’s crazy that the National League is already set for the playoffs. Just a matter of seeding now.
  10. I’m still not sure how the waiver wire works I suppose. I had put in 2 waivers for the 1st round. 1st was to add the San Fran RB 2nd was to add WR Jax. I had second priority but somehow ended up with the WR and MJ got the RB. I made sure the WR was 2nd priority behind the RB but I dunno.
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