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  1. 1- Walton-Verona 1- Campbell County 1- Owensboro 1- Trinity 1- CCH 1- Butler 1- Lincoln 1- Warren 2- Campbell 2- Trinity 2- CCH 2- Warren 3- Trinity 3- CCH 5- Trinity TB- 105
  2. Calipari would lose his mind if that bracket becomes a reality and Kansas is the 4 seed in Kansas City
  3. That was me. Sorry obviously wasn't paying too close attention to what I was supposed to be doing when I was following the example
  4. Gene Steratore and Jay Williams have both said it was goaltending.
  5. If they beat UT twice, they will be back in the picture for a 1 seed. If they split and do not have another regular season loss they are still looking at a 2. Have you seen the other project 2 and 3 seeds. Michigan lost last night to Penn State. Michigan State lost at home to IU last week. Keep in mind too Tennessee needs to go to LSU on the 23rd also.
  6. Marlins would probably want Barnhart as part of the return package. They do not have a who lot of catching depth. I would not give up Senzel, Trammell, Greene or Santillian in a trade for him. I'm ok with a package starting with India and Barnhart.
  7. Heard 6 inches overnight Saturday/into Sunday morning
  8. NE is 2-5 ATS during their current conference championship streak. Early line this week is KC -3
  9. No JV game tonight. Varsity only at 7:30. Game is officially sold out
  10. Our league gets around the "tough losses" by awarding the last playoff spot to the team with the most YTD points regardless of record
  11. Elementary schools are not at the same location. All 3 had power the entire day
  12. I think she made a much bigger deal of it than it really was. If she didn't want her kids there, she could have just gone and picked them up. Many parents didn't have that opportunity since they were on the way to work or at work already. There were also several homes without power in the area.
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