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  1. I'd like to forget that game myself, the first year for the paddle, so much hype, Guru was even there taking pictures, and we get waxed. 12 year run isnt bad. Solid run.
  2. Sadly, I remember the first Battle of the Paddle they won(2007). I'm very out of the loop for being a Bellevue alum. Is the Paddle up 2 times a year?
  3. When was the last time Dayton won vs Bellevue? I can't remember, did they take one of them in the past couple of years?
  4. From what I read, Luck told teammates on Friday. Not surprising it got out.
  5. Sadly I'm out. I got suckered into another league with a couple of friends. I can't do 4 again, it's too much work.
  6. I remember when ADWD came out we talked about the books. I'm in the same boat as you. I've been very nitpicky about this season and it's frustrated me quite a bit. There is still some hope left as there are 2 80-minute episodes but from the way the first 4 went, I'm worried this show has gone the way of Dexter. On the plus side, this season has actually made me hope GRRM actually finishes the books because I need his view of the ending.
  7. 10/20. I'll be tailgating for sure. Jalen vs AJ round 2.
  8. Millions of dollars, being the face of an NBA franchise, even more millions of dollars or another year at college? Tough call.
  9. I was joking with PP92 about this today. The Duke/UCF game pulled in 13 million viewers. I will be blown away if the national championship pulls in half that. If it's a Viriginia/Texas Tech and the score is 23-25 at half, most people will turn it off.
  10. Zion had the ball in his with 14 seconds to go and gave it to RJ. I guess you mean the final final play where RJ drove to the basket? In which case I think it was a fine call.
  11. 20 years down the road when Brady retires I hope your fan base finally feels the wrath of medicority.
  12. My quote to PP92 today, all the salt today baby, insert it right into my veins. I love it. This must he how Patriot fans feel all the time.
  13. Correct. UCF should have won that game. They threw away tons of chances.
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