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  1. I hated to see that. Joe Burrow is a tremendous talent. If there is a bright side to the injury. Our chances improved greatly at drafting Penei Sewell, the tackle from Oregon.
  2. They need to bring back concord grape.
  3. I think what NASCAR is doing is brilliant. Darlingtom is a track that will provide a lot of drama. Not to mention they're showing up to race with no track time! There is a reason its called the "Track to Tough to Tame"
  4. Kahn's Bologna, slice of Colby cheese, slice of tomato, crispy piece of lettuce and two slices of bread. Sometimes a small swipe of mayo. Deelish!
  5. Didn't see that ending happening. Set up for a season 4 which I hope happens sooner than later.
  6. I like Will Ferrell plus a big Nascar fan. So I like Talladega Nights but to me Step Brothers is his best.
  7. I voted for Tom. Based upon Bill's losing record at Cleveland along with playing in the East sure helped.
  8. Last year they started using spacers at all the tracks to limit horsepower. Along with the new aero package it was to create more competition. (Or one might say closer pack racing) Greatly improved the racing at the mile and a half track but hurt the short tracks. They have went back to the old aero package for the short tracks. Should help.
  9. Thankful for good news. That second hit...man, how could one not think the worst.
  10. First time I went to Daytona was 1983, Cale Yarborough broke 200 mph for the first time in qualifying but on his 2nd lap lost control and flipped the car to nullify his time. A good race back then was if there were 5 or 6 cars close and on the lead lap. That was great! Yesterday I believed they only had 6 cars at the finish. Speedweeks 2020! Let's Go Racing!! Oh! Cale won the 83 Daytona 500 in a backup car.
  11. Of all my players. I was most confident in Drew Brees...wrong.
  12. It's turning out to be a titanic struggle. Good luck to both teams!!
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