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Newport Central Catholic vs. Beechwood Predictions/Updates


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The undefeated Thoroughbreds bring their 6-0 record into this battle of small school powers. Beechwood comes into this matchup at 5-2 with a couple quality wins. This matchup should tell us a little more about Newport Central Catholic. Newport Central Catholic hasn’t really played the brutal schedule that we are use to seeing. The toughest game they’ve had so far was a 17-14 win over Newport. Beechwood just played them last week and wiped the floor with them 56-7. So If you want to base this game off then Beechwood should win big. But the good thing is, that’s why we play the game. Who wins this Battle of Small school Powers? Does Newport Central Catholic get that signature win before the playoffs? Does Beechwood add another name to the list of defeated?


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On paper, this looks like a big win by Beechwood. But this is one of those matchups that you can't go by how it looks on paper. This is a long standing rivalry that has diminished very little since these two schools moved to different classes. No one expected Newport Catholic to win last year, but they did. You just can't rely on the paper in this game. If you doubt that, look at what happened in the similar rivalry matchup between Raceland Paintsville last Friday.

One oddity about this game is there have been many times that the loser of this game has gone on to win a state championship. That gives you an idea of the quality of the game and both teams playing in it. 

All that being said, "on paper" the game this year looks to be one of the more lopsided editions we have seen. Strange to say that with Newport Catholic entering the game undefeated and Beechwood coming in with two losses. Strength of schedule is where the difference is. Newport Catholic's SOS is one of the lowest in class 1A. Beechwood's SOS would be the best in 1A. New Cath's best win is a 3 point win over Newport. Beechwood just put a running clock on Newport in the first half. 

Can the Thoroughbreds cast the SOS issue aside and pull on the emotions of this rivalry to get the upset? It would be one of the biggest upsets in the history of the rivalry.

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As much as I look at this matchup, I can't help but feel that BW is superior right now and could win this by a wide margin.  That being said, it is a rivalry game and stranger things have happened.  I do like the front guys on both defense's though.

BW will want to make NCC a passing team and I don't think that bodes well for the Breds.  On the other side, BW can throw and run well, but which does NCC prefer?  Could it be a case that the secondary who plays the best will win?  

Regardless, I hope everyone leaves the field healthy on Friday and uses the lessons learned from this game to help them pursue a long postseason run.

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1 hour ago, Beechwoodfan said:

Will Mixlr cover the game or does NCC have a link?

There will be multiple broadcasting/audio/video streaming options available for this game...which is great! 859 Sports will be there and may have video. Beechwood's team is awaiting word from NCC on clearance to move forward. NCC, I hear, is attempting to do audio...uncertain about the validity of that however. 

Either way....should be minimum of 2 options to listen to/watch. 

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